From the Journal of

Commander Adama

Our worlds were settled, six millennia ago, bright with hope and promise. But we could not sustain our first effort. The pain of our terrible Devastation was almost too great to bear, too great to overcome.

But we endured. We rebuilt. We reached once more for the stars. And there were those among us who never forgot the message of Cain, who never forgot whence we had come. We remember the ninth lord, and Adam, Cain, Sarai, Apollo, Zakaryah, Serapis, and Ammon. We remember those names of history, the ones who led us here, from those days that were almost as dark as what we now endure. We remember that there were beings who cared what happened to humanity.

And now, though we have seen the Destruction of our worlds, we remember the promise of our early days. And we pray for a brighter future, and a rebirth of that promise, on a world called Earth.

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