If I could only recommend a single Battlestar Galactica book, this would be the one. The amount of work and analysis that went into this book is almost breathtaking. There is only one picture (and it's not very good) but this book has more substance to it than any other Galactica book you'll ever find.

Author Muir gives opinions that I didn't always agree with. For example, he bashes Gun On Ice Planet Zero and Experiment In Terra while calling Take The Celestra one of the better episodes (Personally, I believe exactly the opposite). No matter what you think of his opinion, he never fails to give unique insights about the show that you never realized. For example he points out that the series promotes strong military rule while often making democracy look stupid and foolish (i.e. Baltar's Escape). There are complete episode guides of the orignal series and even Galactica 1980. Like everyone else, Muir has nothing but contempt for the juvenile follow-up series.

There's no question that Muir is a top authority on science fiction television. He takes Galactica and makes many comparisons with Buck Rogers, Space: 1999, Star Trek, and even Space: Above and Beyond. He mentions many interesting details about the actors and guest-stars and even has a chapter that lists every episode of Buck Rogers that uses Galactica stock footage!

There is absolutely no other Galactica book out there which I can recommend more than this. Any Galactica fan who doesn't have this book is really missing out. The book can be ordered at

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