Written by Donald P. Bellisario

Original Airdate: March 11, 1979

Synopsis by Matthew Wharmby

PREMISE: As political wranglings engendered by the Council see martial law revoked, Baltar conspires with fellow Prison Barge inmates the Borellian Nomen and the Eastern Alliance soldiers to foment a prison break. However, Baltar can't resist journeying to the Galactica for one last shot at revenge.


We open with the by now familiar shot of Commander Adama seated at his desk, speaking his journal. In this week's installation, he expresses concern at the apparent ruthlessness of the Eastern Alliance Enforcers with regard to Paradeen. He is disappointed that that many of the first humans they have encountered who are not directly descended from the Colonies they knew have turned out to be such unpleasant specimens as the Eastern Alliance. If Terra does indeed prove to be Earth, Adama muses, would the fleet not be exchanging one threat (the Cylons) for 'an equally oppressive human enemy.'

Apollo and Starbuck shuttle Commander Adama to the Prison Barge. Adama intends to question Commandant Leiter personally, and in doing so at least try and undo some of the damage already wrought by the Council. As the two warriors stay close by outside Leiter's cell, Adama greets the Eastern Alliance destroyer skipper. Getting down to business, Adama inquires precisely why Leiter attempted genocide against the inhabitants of Paradeen. 'They are Nationalists,' Leiter sneers. 'We are at war with the Nationalists.' Not knowing the first thing about the geopolitics of the region, Adama can only ask 'what are Nationalists?' 'People who want to change the Natural Order,' states Leiter. Still bemused as to just what the Alliance commandant is on about, Adama unwittingly sets himself up for a lecture - and it's straight out of the local equivalent of Mein Kampf. 'All life forms in the universe fall into two classifications,' Leiter recites, chest puffed out. 'Call them what you will. The intelligent and the ignorant, the conquerors and the subjugated... whatever you call them, there are the strong and there are the weak. The Eastern Alliance is the strongest force in the universe. We were created to rule all life, as far as it extends, in whatever form it exists throughout the universe. That is our destiny.' Nor can Leiter's ideological conviction be shaken by the unexplainable existence of the considerably more powerful Galactica. 'Your battlestar is quite impressive... however, we will dispatch it as the wolfpack does the bear,' he threatens confidently. As Alliance ideology comes up against Colonial reason, it soon becomes clear that the discussion is going nowhere. It then goes from bad to worse when the unpopular Council Security chief Reese, who has been demoted to serve aboard the Prison Barge, appears at the cell door and announces that the Council have ordered the Alliance Enforcers freed. This is where an amazed Starbuck begins to lose his temper, but Adama has to calm him down as Leiter looks on in some amusement. To really stick the boot in, Baltar jeers after them as they depart. 'Problems, Commander?' he grins with an evil chuckle. He has heard every word.

As it turns out, the commander has to deal with humans no less offensive again in the form of his own Council of the Twelve. In the Council chambers aboard the Galactica, Adama chairs a regular convocation of the bureauticians. Sire Domra stands up to speak, announcing that with the imprisonment of Baltar and the subsequent non-appearance of the Cylons for some time, the state of emergency has effectively come to an end. To this end, they have voted to award him the Star of Kobol - a Colonial decoration not bestowed on any living human in centuries.

For once, the normally smooth Adama does not quite grasp the situation his Councillors are pressing on him. He politely declines the award, protesting that the situation is far from safe, especially with the Alliance around. While taking care to thank Adama personally for delivering them from the Colonies, another representative, Siress Tinia, informs the commander that they have collectively voted to end the state of emergency altogether. With martial law revoked, the Council now assumes control of the fleet along civilian lines. To that end, the Council expresses dismay at the treatment of the 'representatives' from the Eastern Alliance, whom they intend to approach personally. Adama protests that said individuals tried, and nearly succeeded, to exterminate the entire population of Paradeen, but Tinia is insistent. She has apparently met with Commandant Leiter aboard the Prison Barge, and found him quite willing to discuss the opening of relations. Adama is close to anger at her naivete, but Domra has more to add. To accompany the return of the fleet to civilian administration, a Council envoy is to be attached to the Galactica bridge at all times. 'And just who is to be this envoy?' Adama sighs, knowing the answer before Siress Tinia steps forward.

Outside, Adama has to dress down Starbuck for his attitude. Like it or not, he states reluctantly, they took an oath to defend the civilian government - and if they can't come to terms with that even now, 'well, we have been under martial law for too long.'

Siress Tinia quickly becomes firmly settled in on the bridge, questioning and quibbling over just about every decision Adama makes. Colonel Tigh has certainly not taken to her, and his temper is already beginning to fray at the edges. When instructed to provide Council Security instead of warriors to escort the Alliance Enforcers to the Galactica, he can't help himself from making a slur on the ability of Council Security to stop a leak on the sanitation ship. Adama has to step in, but not without a very brief twinkle in his eye. Tinia wants them to realise the full diplomatic effect of the new civilian administration by withholding the warrior complement from the Alliance's escort, but we all know (as do Adama and Tigh) that no good can come out of such under-representation of force with regard to these fascistic space thugs.

Aboard the Prison Barge, it's chow time. Baltar has been put on kitchen duty, doling out ladlefuls of grimy-looking pea soup to shuffling dirtbags in shabby furs. However, when the three Borellian Nomen file past, he makes an effort to engage them in conversation. 'I saved some Borellian desert layers for you,' he ingratiates brightly, serving them three chicken-like roasts. Maga, Bora and Taba pointedly ignore him, as do all the jailbirds, but he presses his luck by sitting down next to them with a bowl of soup of his own. After introducing himself (as if he needed to!), he idly spreads his overheard jailhouse gossip that the Alliance prisoners are to be transferred to the Galactica. He informs them that the Alliance appear to be the major power in this part of the galaxy, and thus worth approaching. Formulating the beginnings of an escape plot to the gradually interested nomen, Baltar still has a hard time convincing his new friends. 'Your record to date does not exactly inspire confidence,' Maga states. Shrugging, Baltar explains his predicament in one extraordinarily arrogant line. 'I had incompetent followers.' With that, he takes one final swipe at Lucifer, who did nothing to deserve it, and probably has no regrets whatsoever! 'When the shuttle comes for those prisoners,' Baltar whispers,' we make our break. Take the shuttle, and escape.' When pressed by Maga as to the undoubted viper retaliation, Baltar is already miles ahead. With the same delusions of glory he entertained before Gomoray, he predicts that Lunar 7's population will be suitably grateful for having liberated their political soldiers. 'I'll be treated like a prince,' hisses the traitor in glee. 'And so will those who are with me...' It looks like the nomen are buying it, although Maga has made quite sure that Baltar is by no means in command of the little plot. And the heavily-built desert humanoids have some tricks of their own to reveal. 'When the time comes to escape,' Maga tells an unsuspecting Baltar, 'we will momentarily die.... We do many things to survive, Baltar. Even die.'

Sheba and Boomer are the two warriors detailed to shuttle to the Prison Barge and bring back Leiter and his men, but two Council Security men have also been assigned to the shuttle. They soon make nuisances of themselves, repeatedly deriding the Colonial Service and warriorhood in general. Finally fed up with their cheek, Boomer simply puts the shuttle into a dive and takes his hands off the controls, daring them to give him and Sheba any more lip. Suitably chastised by open fear, the blackshirts soon sit down, strap themselves in, and shut their faces.

On the Galactica bridge, it's a battle of wills between Tigh and Tinia as the contempt is thick in the air. The colonel is deeply concerned that she has forbidden any warriors at all to be present in Landing Bay Alpha when the shuttle returns from the Prison Barge, but the Councillor is insistent on making the right impression. Satisfied that the shuttle to the Prison Barge is off and running, warrior score or not, Tigh requests permission to leave the bridge, his duty shift having expired a centar ago. 'I need some air,' he gags, with a hate-filled look at Tinia. Unruffled, she retorts 'Make sure your air isn't anywhere near Landing Bay Alpha.' Absolutely exploding, he snarls 'Do I have the Siress's permission to retire to the Officers' Club?' before stalking out to just that location. Adama has remained calm throughout. He turns to Tinia and states gently 'Colonel Tigh is a very good warrior.' But even then the Siress has to have the last word. 'Adama, we are all good warriors. But what we need now are good diplomats.'

Reese and his fellow blackshirts escort the prisoners back to their cells after lunch, but once in the cell corridors direct Leiter and his men to stay where they are. At that moment, Borellian elder Maga clutches his chest and collapses to the floor without a word. Confused, the Security men draw their lasers, but can only watch as Bora and Taba crumple in turn. Their bewilderment is complete when they attempt to take the three Borellians' pulses and find none - they appear to have died right there. But as they turn their backs to summon medtechs and resusciation equipment, the three nomen spring to their feet and strike! With extraordinary swiftness and power, they chop Reese and his men down like firewood, leaving the blackshirts scattered. They then use the cell keys to free Baltar, who can only gape in astonishment. 'Captivity has slowed our reflexes,' Maga declares modestly. 'They will improve, now that we are free.' In the corridors, the Alliance soldiers strip the Security armoury of laser rifles (very cool examples fitted with bayonet and pulsing lights) and reclaim their black helmets. The nomen don their traditional robes and laser bolas, while Baltar arms himself with Reese's Colonial pistol and confers with Commandant Leiter and Maga. Baltar is insistent on directing the shuttle to the Galactica once they have seized it, despite Leiter's misgivings. The risk is worth taking in order to recover the Alliance destroyer still aboard the Galactica, not to mention Baltar's Cylon fighter - and none of them would be able to travel far in the shuttle alone without a contingency plan (which Baltar is planning as he goes along) to take care of the vipers. A detachment of Enforcers has already infiltrated the communications bay of the Prison Barge, where they order the officer there at gunpoint to clear the Galactica's shuttle for landing. Once this is secured, they blow apart the communications panels with rifle fire.

Security Corporal Lomas and his sidekick land on the Prison Barge to greet the serried ranks of Alliance troops, but are informed by Leiter that 'I believe we are escorting you.' They are marched aboard the shuttle as human shields so that Alliance soldiers can disarm Boomer and Sheba before they can draw their weapons. A grinning Baltar steps aboard and introduces himself cordially to the stunned pilots. Once airborne and headed for the Galactica, Baltar outlines his plan to Leiter. 'When the hatch opens, you and your men will eliminate all guards. Take as many prisoners as possible.' Leiter relishes the challenge. 'My men and I are very good at such operations.' While the Eastern Alliance is taking control of the landing bay, Baltar and the three nomen will take the elevator to the bridge. To Maga's sentence 'And once we control the bridge...', Baltar declares, very ambitiously indeed, 'we control the Galactica.'

In the Officers' Club, Colonel Tigh sits down, orders a pint of lager and bolts it damn near in one, at which point Apollo and Starbuck enter in astonishment. 'I've never seen you in here unless it was to grab us for a mission,' Apollo says as he watches Tigh chug another brew. Tigh immediately rails against Siress Tinia's virtual takeover of the bridge, and in particular her veto of any warrior presence in or around the landing bay. When he states that as if that wasn't enough, the shuttle hasn't been in contact since it launched from the Galactica, Apollo and Starbuck are suddenly worried and get up to leave. 'Was it something I said?' Tigh wonders, to the uneasy excuse in reply that the pair just didn't feel comfortable drinking with a senior officer. 'Somehow, I hoped you wouldn't,' says Tigh to himself, his conscience eased - just a little.

Boomer pilots the shuttle towards the Galactica. 'A nice, normal landing, Lieutenant,' warns Baltar. 'I should hate to bounce, and have a weapon set off by accident.' And in the landing bay, Sire Domra and ten of the twelve Council members are blithely waiting there, ready to welcome Leiter. 'These people have been mistreated by our warriors,' declaims Domra. 'Let us make every effort to give them a warm welcome.' Their greetings dissolve in terror as the Enforcers leap from the hatch, blazing away with rifles. In seconds, the entire Council is rounded up and herded roughly into the shuttle, Commandant Leiter helping a protesting Sire Domra on his way with a pistol butt to the back of his head. Baltar and the nomen march through the fray and board the lift. On the bridge's level, the lift door opens and Baltar steps gingerly out, laser drawn. Right in their path are Apollo and Starbuck, who leap for cover with their own weapons out, and a ferocious firefight ensues. The Borellians expend their arsenal of laser bolas against the two warriors, who reply with concerted fire, driving Baltar and his allies back into the elevator, from where they can only return to the landing bay. Once Adama is informed of the disaster, he finds Tinia for once speechless, especially when a vindicated Colonel Tigh reports for duty once again. But Adama's dismay is magnified when a triumphant Baltar contacts him by scanner, flanked by the sullen captured figures of Boomer and Sheba. Although cheated out of his attempt to conquer the bridge, Baltar has all the cards, and doesn't he just know it. In a menacing voice, he makes his demands, ordering Adama to 'release the two Cylon pilots who flew me here, my fighter, and the Alliance destroyer.' All three ships, including the shuttle, will then launch for Lunar Seven. 'If we pick up a single pursuing viper on our scanners, I press this little button,' he says, holding up a remote controlled mine detonator. 'Blow the shuttle and everyone on board into a million pieces.' To confirm this grim fact, he has a terrified Sire Domra dragged before the scanner, who whimpers 'They're attaching solenite charges to the outer hull. They'll kill us all, if you don't do what he says.'

Once the Alliance-controlled Lunar 7 is reached, Baltar continues, the shuttle will be free to return. But, 'if my demands are not followed, to the letter, within one centar... I'll kill these hostages one by one, in front of you! Beginning with Lieutenant Boomer!' Boomer shouts his defiance before being dragged out of his seat. 'He'll do it anyway, Commander! Take them now while we still have the chance!' Adama tries to play for time by protesting that all these things cannot possibly be done in that space of time, but Baltar stands firm. 'One centar, Adama,' he warns finally, letting the scanner go blank.

When Dr Wilker receives the order to release the centurions to Baltar, he has to demonstrate the problem to an agitated Apollo in no uncertain terms, and there's no better way to do this than by showing him. Lying in display cabinets in his lab are the disassembled pieces and miles of wiring to be found inside the Cylons. Wilker had hoped to reprogram them, perhaps using coded laser beams, in order to reduce their threat to humanity's remnants. Apollo isn't particularly interested in that right now, and nor, it seems, is Starbuck at the other end of the room. He has picked up the head of one of the Cylons for an examination of his own, but promptly drops it with a huge crash and a sheepish look. There is no recourse but for Apollo to go to Adama and tell him to convince Baltar to extend the deadline. A distinctly seething Tinia springs a surprise with a proposition of her own, and one well out of keeping with her hitherto pacifist outlook. She wants to attack the bay outright before Baltar can set the charges off. Amazed at her volte-face, Adama and Tigh nonetheless agree, and warriors (apparently some sort of ground troops, dressed in pilots' uniform minus the suede jackets, helmeted, and armed with the same pulsing rifles the Alliance are now using) assemble in corridors adjacent to the landing bay. While this is going on, Baltar paces edgily round the shuttle aisle, wound up by scornful asides from Sheba and Boomer. Unable to convince either of them that his intention to eventually free them is genuine, he has a try with the more malleable Domra, who is still scared out of his wits, and thus agrees to everything Baltar says to him. He is interrupted by Maga calling him to the scanner, where Adama glumly advises that the Cylon pilots have been dismantled. Baltar bridles. 'You're plotting to attack me', he hisses, quite astutely. The commander then shocks all present by making a desperate offer. 'Baltar. Take me as a hostage, in exchange for one more centar.' The traitor is surprised enough himself that he has to confer with his comrades. 'If we have Adama, it'll prevent them from attacking us,' observes Commandant Leiter. Affably, Baltar turns back to the scanner and accepts. 'Very well, Adama. One more centar. In exchange for you.' His smile melts to a cold-hearted sneer as he turns to Sheba and Boomer. 'Not so funny now, is it?' Adama is escorted past the lines of warriors waiting in the corridors. Tinia has decided to accompany him, feeling pretty guilty about the whole mess she's got them into, and we hear no argument from Tigh. As they proceed to the lift, the attack plan stays unchanged. Once the Cylon pilots are delivered to the bay, there is likely to be a gap during which Baltar, the nomen and the Enforcers will board their separate ships. At that point, Adama will contact Tigh on the bridge and order the attack.

In Wilker's lab, the first reconstructed Cylon centurion rises to his full seven feet and glowers at Wilker. The doctor doesn't seem ruffled, as the centurion answers to him straight away, with the inevitable 'By your command'. 'Turn on the scanner on that bench,' Wilker orders. The Cylon proceeds uncertainly in that direction, almost as if a child taking his first steps. 'Come on, you can do it,' Apollo finds himself saying under his breath. 'Never thought I'd find myself rooting for a Cylon,' Starbuck agrees with similar confusion. At that moment, the centurion punches his fist clean through the scanner, demolishing it rather than turning it on as instructed. Wilker is disappointed, but Apollo suddenly brightens. 'Wait. I have an idea...'

'How nice of you and this lovely lady to join us,' Baltar beams, looking Siress Tinia up and down with the lascivious gaze of a man who, for the past eighteen months or so, has had only Cylons and then shabby prisoners for company. 'I want to check on the condition of our people,' Adama states, probably concerned that the Enforcers have worked the council over (and who would blame them!) 'Of course. Anything you wish, old friend,' Baltar says, the perfect host. There is not much Adama can do by now other than to acknowledge his fellow detainees and wait for a chance to outline the plan to them once their Eastern Alliance guards have made a run for it. Up on the bridge, Colonel Tigh is his usual pessimistic self, even having the computer predict the likelihood of success in freeing the hostages without the shuttle being blown up. All groan as the statistics come up. 'Computer predicts seventy to thirty... in Baltar's favour.' As Adama and Tinia are escorted into the shuttle, there is something of a difference of opinion between the three groups of baddies, where their individual approach to hostage situations colours their thoughts as to what is to happen next. The Eastern Alliance and the nomen appear to be expecting to kill the prisoners whetever the outcome, but Baltar is still perfectly willing to let them go once he's free. Maga is openly contemptuous of his fairweather friend, deriding his naivete. 'If you believe that, then you're a bigger fool than I thought.' The more methodical Leiter reckons that what matters is whether Adama believes Baltar's intentions to let them go are genuine. 'What do we do if he doesn't?' says Baltar, suddenly worried. 'Prepare to die,' Maga answers without emotion, walking away.

Just in time for the deadline, the two Cylon pilots are assembled and functional. The Alliance guards pour off the shuttle and onto their destroyer, which fires up its deafening jet engines for launch. The nomen follow them on board. Unguarded, Adama dashes over to Boomer and Sheba's console and raises the bridge. 'Tigh! Attack now,' he urges, before being met with a decidedly out of character set of barked orders from his executive officer. 'Launch at once. Repeat, launch at once!' Tigh snaps to Adama's protestations. 'Adama! I'm in command! Launch!!' he bellows. Doing as he is told for a change, Adama sits down and the shuttle launches. Straight behind it is the Alliance destroyer. Finally, Baltar gains his fighter cockpit. 'It's working! I've done it!' he breathes in triumph and excitement. 'Centurion... launch!' Unfortunately, the Cylon pilot is as inarticulate with machinery as he was in Dr Wilker's lab, and punches the controls into bits. Apollo and Starbuck leap aboard and wrestle the detonator out of Baltar's hands. The Cylon pilot continues to wreck the ship, quite unawares.

In the Officers' Club after the drama is over, our heroes tie up events. The shuttle has returned safely, while vipers have been launched to pursue the fleeing Alliance destroyer back to Lunar 7. Best of all, the Council has taken a vote to restore full command to Adama. (I like the way that Domra revealed this aboard the shuttle at just about the lowest point, when it was debatable whether they'd come out of it at all!) Tigh is certainly relieved that it will keep Siress Tinia off his back from now on, but Apollo is not so sure. Pointing to the doorway with a smile, he indicates Commander Adama and Siress Tinia entering, arm in arm. To laughter, a despairing Colonel Tigh flags down the barman, obviously driven to drink!

John's Comments:

Baltar's Escape is a good, solid episode. There are many good scenes, and the ending is clever and unpredictable. Starbuck also gets off some very funny one-liners.

The Council of Twelve is almost unbelievably stupid in this episode. Unfortunately, this raises all kinds of questions. If the Council is made up of total idiots and morons incapable of making even one wise decision, then what does that say about the people of the fleet who elected them? The people of the fleet are constantly portrayed throughout the series as being weak, gullible, and incapable of surviving without the strong, wise officers of the military to guide them and basically rule over them with an iron fist.

It is revealed that the fleet has been under martial law since the destruction of the Colonies. This is portrayed as a good thing by Starbuck, Apollo, and the writers. The efforts of the Council to restore democracy and freedom are portrayed as stupid and foolish. Basically, the Eastern Alliance and the Colonial fleet are not run all that differently!

Adama admonishes Starbuck and Apollo, telling them they should respect the rulings of the Council, even though Adama did nothing of the sort in Greetings From Earth when he flagrantly defied the Council's ruling and helped the Terran shuttle escape!

Unfortunately, there are some serious continuity problems with this episode. In Greetings From Earth, Adama did not have the power to overrule the Council's decision to remove the humans from their support chambers. Yet in this episode we learn that the fleet has been under martial law since the Holocaust. Therefore, Adama should have been able to dictate to the Council on how the humans would be treated.

In another example of women being portrayed poorly, Siress Tinia causes the disaster by refusing to let Colonial warriors meet the shuttle. She shows courage later, though, when she risks her life by accompanying Adama to the shuttle.

We never see the Borellian Nomen again nor learn of their fate. The Nomen do appear in the tremendously written original Berkley novel Die, Chameleon! where they once again attempt to fulfill their blood hunt, but it is never told how they were recaptured by the fleet.

There is an interesting display of two dismantled Cylons in this episode.

This is John Colicos' favorite episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Dr. Wilker appears for the last time.

In the original script, Starbuck and Apollo dress in the armor of the Cylon centurions.

John Hoyt (Dombra) is best known to science fiction fans as Dr. Philip Boyce on the unaired Star Trek pilot The Cage.

This is the only episode in which John Colicos and Anne Lockhart have scenes together.

Blooper - Far too much time passes between when Omega states Boomer has requested landing instructions and when the shuttle actually lands. It really has to be considered a flub.

Matt's Comments:

RATING: 5 stars out of 5 (Excellent). Terrific episode, and a little deeper than the usual action-packed episodes.


Baltar is such a complicated villain. This is the second time we see his undoubted evil offset with the kind of earnest wish to atone that you're never sure is sincere or not. In 'Lost Planet of the Gods', his slipperiness was so plausible that you almost believed he was willing to take revenge on the Cylons for tricking him out of total control over his home colony alone. By 'The Hand of God', this strategy of balancing cruel threats with sincere peace offerings is well known to Adama, and anything they get out of Baltar from then on is grudging at best. His allies certainly don't swallow it, and Leiter for one is firm about his own role. 'My men and I will not get involved in any personal vendetta. We must return to our homeland.'

This is the last we see of Security Officer Reese. Did Maga's boys kill him with those blows, intentionally or otherwise? (And would we have minded?)

It doesn't look like anyone's in the Cylon co-pilot's suit, as he slumps forward while his pilot is pummelling the scanner!

Certainly glad to see some Cylons again, I'm really missing them by this stage.

Some reviewers gripe at the continued insistence on showing the Council as hopelessly naive, ultra-liberal fools, but I relish it - nastinesses such as this are just about the only way to wipe the smugness off such people's faces! It seems that the poor old Council have completely blown their chances of making friends with either Terran faction now; they wanted to pull Michael and Sarah's family out of their pressurised containers into an atmosphere that would kill them, and now they completely overlook the genocidal actions of Leiter's forces in order to cover their own asses at having justifiably imprisoned them! Hence we were crying out for a proper attitude adjustment for the Council. And having their Security personnel beaten effortlessly to a pulp must have been fun to write as well! (It's Don Bellisario behind the keys again, and nice work).

Best Lines:

Maga: When the time comes to escape, we will momentarily die.
Baltar: Die?!
Maga: We do many things to survive. Even die.

Security Officer: When we land, you two will stay in the cockpit. Council orders.
Boomer: Next you’ll be telling me that I need Council permission to use the turboflush.

Tinnia: Council Security will be quite sufficient.
Tigh: Council Security couldn’t prevent an escape from the orphan ship.

Leiter: I cannot believe that Commander Adama would allow us to escape just to save a few lives.
Maga: He won’t.
Baltar: What do you mean he won’t? He has no choice.
Maga: If you think that, then you are an even bigger fool than I thought.

*Adama walks in arm-in-arm with Tinnia*
Tigh: Oh no! He wouldn’t do that to me would he?
Apollo: I think he just might.
Tigh: Barman!

Regular Cast

Capt. Apollo		Richard Hatch

Lt. Starbuck Dirk Benedict

Commander Adama Lorne Greene

Lt. Boomer Herbert Jefferson, Jr.

Athena Maren Jensen

Cassiopea Laurette Spang

Col. Tigh Terry Carter

Baltar John Colicos

Boxey Noah Hathaway

Flt. Sgt. Jolly Tony Swartz

Rigel Sarah Rush

Omega David Greenham

Dr. Salik George Murdock

Dr. Wilker John Dullagham

Brie Janet Louise Johnson

Ensign Greenbean Ed Begley, Jr.

Giles Larry Manetti

Cpl. Komma Jeff MacKay

Imperious Leader Dick Durock

Patrick Macnee (voice)

Lucifer Felix Silla

Jonathon Harris (voice)

Guest Cast

Lloyd Bochner		Leiter

Lance LeGault Maga

Ina Bolin Siress Tinia

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