The Battle Of Troy is not the actual title, but it's what the script is about. Our heroes go back in time to ancient Greece to stop the villain Xaviar from altering the battle of Troy and allowing the Trojans to win. Helen falls for either Troy or Dillon. In the end, they stop Xaviar, make sure the big horse gets through the gate, and rescue a teenage Homer.

Galactica 1980 story editors Allan Cole and Chris Bunch vividly remember the final scene with Homer as it was read to them by the script's writer:

As he looks up at our heroes, face full of wonder and worship, we see tears forming in his sweet, clear, blue eyes. And we realize, some day he will be tragically blinded.

"Our heads were already spinning from a pre-game meeting blast of something to settle our nerves. But when we heard this it put us in Pittsburgh. Since the writer's visit was only a courtesy, there was nothing we could have said without being fired."

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