Introduction - January 22, 2002

It was 1996, and I was reading one of the many mediocre Maximum Press Galactica comics. In the letters page, I saw the letter of a fan who mentioned fan fiction created by a small zine called Clean Slate Press owned by Sharon Monroe. I was immediately intrigued and ordered two books, The Race For Earth and Alternate Conspiracy. I'll never forget the day I sat down to read them.

I was floored. These stories were absolutely incredible, and I quickly ordered more. I have since bought most of the Galactica books created by Clean Slate Press, and I've enjoyed them so much that I plugged them hard on my website (Hopefully, I sent some business Sharon's way!) Just recently, I learned that Clean Slate Press has ceased publication.

I'm all for having fan fiction on the internet, but there is still something to be said for being able to hold an actual book in your hands. Before the internet, zines were the only means of getting fan fiction, and there were quite a few of them out there. The advantages of zines over internet fan fiction is that you almost always got consistently better stories because there were editors involved. While the internet has dramatically increased the quantity of Galactica stories, I think everyone will agree that this has affected the quality somewhat. And with such a glut of stories, it tends to make them seem less valuable. In the era of the zine, stories were so scarce that I think you enjoyed them a lot more.

The disadvantages, of course, were that the zines had a very limited print run, and far fewer people got to see them. Galactica zines are so scarce that I've almost never seen any for sale on the Ebay auction site, and Ebay is usually where you can find anything! As a fan fiction author myself (Xena: Warrior Princess and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, not Galactica - Sorry!), I know that one of my stories was read by over 300 people thanks to those electronic counters. Another disadvantage, of course, is that you did have to pay for a zine, whereas the internet is free.

With the closing of Clean Slate Press, it feels as though the zine era is pretty much over. But rather than allow such phenomenal stories to fade away, I've gotten Sharon's permission to post a number of them here on my site. I feel like I owe a debt to Clean Slate Press because it helped reignite my love for a 20-year-old show without which this website would never have become a reality.

I believe that these stories are must-reads for every Galactica fan. The Race For Earth is my favorite Galactica story of all time. It gives a phenomenal ending and closure to the Battlestar Galctica saga that the TV series never provided. The Pegasus Chronicles is a wonderful series that gives us a whole new cast of characters that are just as interesting as the original characters we all know and love. From early stories such as The Battle Of Molecay (which explains how the Pegasus survived to eventually aid the Colonial Fleet) to Cain's Command (which explains what became of the Pegasus in The Living Legend episode - among other things!) to Second Coming (which brings the Pegasus back to the fleet and continues Apollo and Sheba's tumultuous relationship), these stories will absolutely take your breath away. Alternate Conspiracy is the best alternate universe Galactica story you will ever likely read, and Galactica History: From Kobol To The Colonies gives the Battlestar Galactica universe the backstory it never had.

So it is with great honor that I now present to you a number of stories that I feel deserve a special place in the hallmarks of fan fiction. I truly believe you will agree that these are among "The Best of Battlestar Galactica Fan Fiction!"



The Race For Earth by Sharon Monroe and Gordon Smuder

After ten years in space and a change in command, the Galactica has found the way to Earth, in an ancient derelict ship. But Baltar has caught up with the fleet, and takes a hostage Apollo may not be able to resist. While young warriors prepare for baptism of fire, veterans wearily regroup, returning to a battle they'd hoped they left behind.

Alternate Conspiracy by Sharon Monroe

Alien technology strands Starbuck and Apollo in an alternate universe where they discover the Colonies again about to sign an armistice with the Cylons. They must do whatever it takes to keep their worlds from repeating their deadliest mistake -- even if it means Apollo must marry a woman who despises him, and Starbuck must accept the death penalty for treason.

The Battle Of Molecay by Lee Gaul and Sharon Monroe

The first book of the Pegasus Chronicles. The Fifth Fleet is assigned to save Molecay from possible Cylon attack. But Baltar's treachery already manifests itself in sabotage, murder, and an enemy ambush. Commander Cain may be the best tactician in the fleet, and Electra and Orestes the best pilots, but is even this good enough to survive the Cylons and discover the traitor among them?

Cain's Command by Lee Gaul and Sharon Monroe

The second book of the Pegasus Chronicles. A collection of short stories detailing the adventures of the Pegasus after leaving the Colonial fleet. How the battlestar survived Gamoray; Cain's mission for his people; their adjustment to the news that the Colonies have been destroyed; what happened to the Delphians; encounters with survivors and old friends like Baltar, Alliance Enforcers, and Iblis.

Second Coming by Lee Gaul and Sharon Monroe

The third book of the Pegasus Chronicles. Illness strikes the Pegasus, and Cain himself may die. Aliens trail the Galactica fleet, and the battlestars must reunite to survive. Tigh and Kleopatra fight for command; Sheba and Apollo have to redefine their relationship; and Starbuck has to make a decision on his own about Athena and Casseopia. Then time runs out, and the aliens move in for the attack.

Joint Maneuvers by Lee Gaul and Sharon Monroe

The fourth book of the Pegasus Chronicles. Baltar is free, and plotting against his old enemies. Starbuck and Apollo survive his ambush, and escape to the Pegasus. But alien influence lingers; old friendships are stretched to the breaking point, and even discovering a brother he never knew can't ease the pain for Starbuck. But Cain won't be convinced to rejoin the fleet. Fighting alone, caught between the aliens, the warriors fall, one by one...

Galactica History: From Kobol To The Colonies by Sharon Monroe

From the days of Eden on Caprica, to Babelonia and Caprica City on the Colonies; from Lord Adam of the Migration to Lord Zakaryah of the Devastation; from death on Kobol, through the Void, to settlement in hope on Twelve Worlds; to the fall of the Lords and hope in the flames of civil war. A collection of short stories set in the early days of the Colonies. This is the heritage, glory, and the pain of our warriors -- and the why of much they do.

Survive The Alliance by Sharon Monroe and J.D. Rich

"V" and "Battlestar Galactica" with appearances from "A-Team," "Airwolf," "Knight Rider," and others. The Galactica finally discovers Earth, but the Visitors have gotten there first. Apollo is shot down and becomes Diana's converted pet. Starbuck is captured by Phillip's faction, and must become an ambassador of peace, if he can trust the invaders. The Resistance fights to free their potential new allies, but then the new Visitor Leader arrives. Prepare for the battle royale...

Short Stories

My Father's Daughter by A.S. Lawrence

This is my absolute favorite Sheba story of all time! It is the perfect follow-up to the Apollo/Sheba love story that was left hanging when the series ended. You must read this one!

Phoenix by A.S. Lawrence

This is another one of my all-time favorite Galactica short stories. I can't tell you much without giving too much away, but this story featuring Apollo could be interpreted as a possible set-up for the events of Galactica 1980. You absolutely must read it!!! Reprinted from the pages of Galactica #12.

Another Chance by Sharon Monroe

This wonderful story gives a retelling of the end of Saga Of A Star World from Cassiopeia's point of view. One of the true classics of Galactica fan fiction!

Til Dreams Do Us Part by Sarah Whitney

Several warriors have a dream of Starbuck and Apollo being murdered by a savage woman on an ancient world, including Starbuck and Apollo. Then they discover the planet and have no choice but to let the dream play out to its deadly conclusion... A chilling tale that will keep you reading to the finish.

Hermitage One, Hermitage Two, and Hermitage Three by Gene Hermsen

These three shorts each give a different fate to Starbuck in the classic "The Return Of Starbuck" episode. We are also given a nice sense of closure to Galactica 1980.

Enter Sheba's Galaxy