By Leslie Stevens

The ships of the fleet are temporarily knocked out of control by some unknown force. It is determined this was due to a barrier wave which surrounds the boundary of the Beta Triangle, an area near a black hole. The Gemini freighter is damaged enough that it is helplessly drifting away. Starbuck and Athena are sent to try and make repairs. Muffit and Boxey sneak on board their salvage ship while they are busy loading it with supplies.

Baltar is brought before the Imperious Leader, who tells him he must find the Colonial fleet or be killed. Starbuck and Athena don't discover the stoways until it's too late to turn back. Only moments after they land on the freighter, it is attacked by pirates and the four are soon captured, but Starbuck is left behind. When Captain Skyler (Adama's son) and Sgt. Boomer are unable to establish contact with them, they take a fighter-bomber to investigate. They rescue Starbuck just before the ship explodes. A homing beacon is discovered and, believing it is Athena's, they go after it and find an escape pod with a lowly human merchant named Aleph. He claimes his ship was stolen.

Back on the Galactica, Aleph says he could guide the Colonial fleet safely through the Beta Triangle, but he needs his star charts which are aboard his ship which he is certain the pirates took to the Cordugo Pit to sell. The Cylons also head to the Cordugo Pit, believing the Colonials will try to refuel there. The Cordugo Pit is a strange market where virtually anything is for sale and it is all run by an insectoid-like race called the Ovions. The Colonials discover the pirates and board the ship, and are told Athena and Boxey have been sold. The pirates lead them to the Pleasure Dome where Athen and Boxey are on an auction block. They try to purchase them, but are outbid by an alien named Voyar. Two Cylons then enter from the shadows and the Colonials run, but manage to tail Voyar back to his palace. Aleph, Skyler, and Starbuck disguise themselves as slaves and sneak into the palace where they find Athen and Boxey. But Boxey recognizes Aleph as the leader of the pirates and convinces him to help the humans. Skyler is forced to tell Voyer's men the location of the fleet.

They soon escape and Aleph convinces his pirate mates to aid the Colonials. They leave the planet on Voyer's ship, The Bluestreak, and are pursued by a Cylon basestar. The Colonials lead the Cylons into the black hole and veer off at the last moment. The Cylon basestar is sucked into the black hole, and Baltar launches away in an escape pod just in time. Aleph joins the Colonial fleet.

Obviously, this is a very early script and is quite different from the way the show was eventually formulated.

Skyler was an earlier name for Apollo. It was probably changed to avoid similarities with the character Luke Skywalker of Star Wars.

Boxey is not Skyler's (Apollo's) son, but an orphan of unknown origin whom Athena cares for. Boomer is a sergeant rather than a lieutenant, and Athena is a colonial warrior rather than a bridge officer.

Baltar is ordered by the Imperious Leader to find the Colonial fleet. This script may have been written to be the first episode following the pilot.

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