This telemovie is made up of two episodes of Galactica 1980: Galactica Discovers Earth and The Night The Cylons Landed. Fortunately, these are two of the better episodes of the horrid series.

The opening sequence of the movie, composed of stock footage from the original series, is magnificently done and gives the feeling that you are about to see an epic conclusion to the series. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen. Still, I found it to be enjoyable.

The original episodes are heavily edited. Missing scenes include: Troy showing Dillon a picture of his father and mother: Apollo and Serina; Troy and Dillon breaking open the phone booth to get money and Jamie Hamilton getting angry at them; Dr. Mortinson describing the potential of nuclear energy with his secretary; Troy and Dillon leaving their jail cell; Troy and Dillon helping a child get revenge on a school bully; Jamie's trip to the Galactica; Xavier traveling into the past to Nazi Germany to introduce new technology, and Troy, Dillon, and Jamie stopping him; Xavier contacting Dr. Mortinson; The Cylon having his circuits fried by a microwave oven at the Halloween party; Best of all, the nauseating Super Scouts have been cut.

Also, Jamie is made to look as if she is already employed by the television station; originally she was applying for a job. In certain places, another woman's voice is dubbed in place of Jamie's to establish a romance between her and Dillon. In the original episode, the first actor playing Dr. Zee has his voice completely dubbed. Here it is only dubbed part of the time, and the child is supposed to represent two brothers - Dr. Zee and Dr. Zen. There are many other edits.

At least the plot doesn't get as confusing as in Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack, although the role of Dr. Zee is played by two different children.

Overall, I like this movie. It shows that Galactica 1980 did have some potential. And I love that opening sequence; it really is fantastic. The video is still available in stores.

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