When did this scene happen???This is probably my pick for the worst of the Berkley novels. This one adapts two different episodes (Baltar's Escape and Experiment In Terra). It is a fairly standard retelling of each episode with little new material added (As dull as Goulart's Greetings From Earth adaptation is, at least there were some extra scenes thrown in).

Try as he might, Ron Goulart simply cannot get a grasp on the Starbuck character. He has Starbuck talk in a way that makes him insufferable, not to mention completely out of character. Starbuck actually has a hatred for John and the other beings on the Ship of Lights! To top if off, Starbuck even meets yet another woman with psi-powers! (as he did in Greetings From Earth) As much as I love Experiment In Terra, this adaptation of the story is fairly dull.

Finally, the cover of the book is misleading. It gives the impression that a laser battle occurs in the landing bay during the "Baltar's Escape" story, but that never actually happens.

The Cylons are reprogrammed and physically take the detonator from Baltar.

Tinia warns Adama that the Council gave him back command because they were scared, but that will soon wear off and they may try to take his power away again.

Brenda's last name is Farris.

Only two men try to take Starbuck (instead of a dozen or so) on Lunar Seven, and he stuns them.

Starbuck meets a redneck talking robot named Will/F (Willy) and a woman named Longsight Sue who has psi-powers.

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