By Michael Sloan

Apollo, Starbuck, and Boomer are undercover in a bar seeking information on the Cylon pursuit. Later, Starbuck is charged with murdering the husband of a woman he's been involved with. The Cylons, thanks to a new project codenamed "The Delta Factor", are able to locate the Galactica. They launch an attack against the battlestar with kamikaze Cylan raiders, causing serious damage. Apollo leads a dangerous mission to obtain laser power packs for his father's surgery. Starbuck uses his viper to dump a fire extinguishing substance on the flames. The real murderer tries to kill Boxey who was a witness to the crime, but Apollo stops him. Starbuck goes free.

This is a two-hour screenplay dated June 22, 1978.

Jim Carlson and Terrence McDonnell wrote the actual Fire In Space that aired, but they never saw this script. They also wrote Murder On The Rising Star which also has Starbuck accused of murder, but their story was not based on this script. Still, Sloan was given credit for legal reasons due to the slight similarities.

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