3 Stars

Fire is a spaceborne disaster epic in miniature - a Cylon death squadron breaks through the Galactica's fighter squadrons and rams the ship at its bridge and into one of its flight bays. The shot of the Cylon raider plunging into the flight bay and slamming belly-first into its heart before exploding is one of the finest SFX shots ever put to film.

The main flaw with the story is not that it is uninspired - true, it is like The Towering Inferno, but it makes sense that such a disaster would eventually befall the fleet - but that it violates scientific logic at several points. A SFX highlight is a run by vipers spraying fire-fighting fluid into the flaming flight bay, but for a fire to burn in the flight bay it would have to be sealed off from space - shown later when Apollo and Starbuck set solonite charges to the hull to open it to the vacuum of space - so this "Boroton run" is pointless.

Much has also been made of the fact that, though she gets far more screen time than usual, Athena is given almost nothing to do. It would have been better if she had been given more in the way of responsibility - Maximum Press' 1995-97 Galactica stories and Richard Hatch's novels remade her as a major character, and did so tremendously well - but I've never thought much of Maren Jensen; in The Hand Of God she came across as dazed throughout the show.

Nonetheless, this is a very enjoyable episode.

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