Sheba's Galaxy has gotten so immense since its creation, I've decided it's time to have a simple guide that will tell people what I feel are some of the best parts of the site. There's a lot more to the site than what is listed here, but this should get you started in the right direction.

If you want to learn lot of interesting things about Battlestar Galactica that you probably didn't know, as well as read in-depth reviews and analyses of the episodes, then you have to check out Interesting Facts and Tidbits and the Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide. It's taken literally years (and in some cases - a lot of money!) for me to gather all the information presented there. These are hands down the most detailed Galactica episode guides you'll ever find anywhere (and if someone is aware of a site that can prove me wrong, I'd like to hear about it!). I think these sections may be the most fun things to read on the entire site, so enjoy!

To learn why Galactica had so much trouble during its run and all the various theories as to why it was canceled, check out A Special Look At Battlestar Galactica.

To see all my autographed photos and a couple other rare photos and artwork, go to the Battlestar Galactica Photo Gallery

The Missing Scenes section is one I am extremely proud of. I've spent a long time (and quite a few bucks) collecting Galactica scripts over the years, and all the missing scenes listed were taken from the scripts. Out of all of them, my absolute favorite missing scenes are from the classic Galactica 1980 episode The Return Of Starbuck, followed by Saga Of A Star World, War Of The Gods, and Fire In Space. You may not be aware that the original planned ending to Fire In Space had the Cylons attacking the Galactica a second time, but it was changed by the censors. Here you will find the complete original ending that should have been used.

Most people have turned to fan fiction as a way to continue the Galactica saga. Have you ever wondered how to find the absolute best quality Galactica stories? Well, you can find them right here! Fanfic author Sharon Monroe has given me permission to post all of her classic Galactica stories. I doubt that Glen Larson and his writers could have done anywhere near as well as she has! I've also written reviews for the 14 Berkley BG books. I've gone one step farther by telling in detail how the novelizations differ from the actual episodes, and I think you'll it fascinating to read. It's all available at Galactica Book and Comic Reviews.

Never been to a Galactica convention? Then read about my first-hand accounts of the 20 Yahren Reunion and the GoMainline con. It's almost the same as being there!

Have you ever been just a little curious about Galactica 1980? Well, Sheba's Galaxy has got more info on the hated series than all the other Galactica sites combined! If you'd like to learn why it was created, why it was done so horribly, exactly why it was canceled, and read some critics' reviews of the series, then go to A Special Look At Galactica 1980. If you want to learn interesting facts about the series, check out our in-depth episode guide. The Galactica 1980 Photo Gallery has a lot of photos you won't find anywhere else. And if you just want to laugh like crazy, then be sure to read the Hilarious Interview with Galactica 1980 Story Editors Allan Cole and Chris Bunch as well as Matthew Wharmby's Hilarious Galactica Episode Guide. Matt's G80 episode reviews will have you laughing off the wall!

Did you know the f-word was used in a Battlestar Galactica episode? To learn where, check out the Lights Of Caprica scene.

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