Written by Steve Kreinberg and Andy Guerdat

Starbuck, Apollo, and Athena are on patrol and they discover an old derelect ship under attack by Cylon raiders. The ship is called the Golden Queen and is manned by an old man named Jaspar. His companion is Nugget, a pet Simian which looks like a monkey except, instead of fur, it has a brilliant coat of feathers all the colors of the spectrum. Its tail, like a peacock's, is long, flowing, and exotic. The Colonial vipers destroy the Cylons and take the Golden Queen back to the Galactica.

On a planet named Opelon, Baltar is supervising a Cylon mining operation. He is angry when Lucifer informs him that Jaspar has escaped, for he believes the old man will reveal their presence on Opelon to the Colonials, thus driving them away. On the Galactica, Jaspar quickly becomes friendly with Boxey, who tells him the Colonials are searching for Earth. Learning this, Jaspar gets an idea.

Jaspar is vague to Adama about his origins and mentions some of the planets he has been to, casually naming Earth as one of them. Adama is shocked and asks Jaspar to take him there, but the old man refuses. He says he is headed for Opelon, but there are settlers from Earth there who can show the Colonials the way. Adama is suspicious, but agrees to take the fleet to Opelon.

Baltar is ecstatic to learn that the Colonial fleet is headed towards Opelon. He tells Lucifer to let them reach the planet unmolested. Jaspar loads his supplies on to his ship in preparation to go back to Opelon. He wants to get back his gold mine which the Cylons stole from him, so he plans to use the Colonials to do it. Unbeknownst to him, Boxey and Muffit sneak aboard the ship. Jaspar tricks Rigel into allowing him to launch, and he lands his ship on Opelon. Baltar orders the shuttle and its passengers to be captured. Jaspar leaves his ship and hears Cylons approaching, so he and Nugget run off. The Cylons open up the shuttle and find Boxey and Muffit, taking them prisoner. Baltar is upset to learn that another Cylon basestar is approaching, under the orders of the Imperious Leader to destroy the fleet. Baltar wants to be the one to destroy the Galactica. Boxey is brought before Baltar and stupidly reveals that he is Adama's grandson. Baltar devises a plan.

Starbuck and Apollo realize Boxey is missing and figure out that he went with Jaspar to Opelon. They fly their vipers down to the surface to find them. Baltar contacts Adama and reveals Boxey is his prisoner. In exchange for Boxey's life, Baltar demands that Adama help him overthrow the Cylon Empire. Adama says he will think about it.

Jaspar runs into Starbuck and Apollo and they convince him to help them rescue Boxey, which they ultimately do after battling it out with Cylon Centurions. Adama decides that he cannot give in to Baltar's demands, and he orders the fleet to move away from Opelon. The incoming Cylon basestar launches its Cylon raiders, and Baltar and Lucifer board their own basestar to join the battle once Baltar realizes Adama will not meet his demands. The vipers are able to hold off the Cylon raiders, but the Colonials feel dread when they see Baltar's basestar rising from the planet's surface. Starbuck and Apollo steal a Cylon raider while Jaspar destroys the mine. They fly the raider to Baltar's basestar and cripple its launch bay just as its Cylon raiders are about to take off. Baltar realizes he can't take on the Galactica and its vipers without fighter support so he orders a retreat. The other Cylon raiders are defeated by the Colonial vipers. Starbuck and Apollo's Cylon raider is almost shot down by Athena before they radio her that it is them.

Later, Boxey reveals to Adama a gold medallion that Jaspar gave him, but Adama is uninterested in hearing anything more about the old miner. After Adama leaves, we see a close-up shot of the medallion. Engraved in it is a perfect map of the planet Earth, right down to its seven continents.

I Have Seen Earth is a very good script and certainly would have been better than many of the produced episodes. If the story has one flaw, it is that we get too big a dose of Boxey and Muffit.

This script was rewritten by story editors Jim Carlson and Terrence McDonnell and would likely have been produced if there had been a second season.

In the earlier version of this script, Starbuck and Apollo are very unfamiliar with the controls of a Cylon raider. This contradicts the events of The Hand Of God where Starbuck and Apollo fly a Cylon raider. Also, Athena is a colonial warrior looking to score her first Cylon kill. This contradicts the battles Athena already had with the Cylons in Lost Planet Of The Gods.

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