This is a book that changed my life forever. Before reading this book I thought I was eating healthy, but after reading it I switched to macrobiotics (only fruits, grains, vegetables, and white fish) and my life has never been the same. Within four months I lost 25 pounds. The love handles I gained during my college years simply melted away. My pants didn't fit me because I had dropped an entire pant size!

I feel incredibly lucky (and healthy!) that I happened to read this book. Dirk Benedict is amazingly candid as he talks about the events of this life including his acting career and his battle with prostate cancer. There is one chapter devoted to Battlestar Galactica called "Don't Mess With Starbuck!" in which Dirk reveals the insane story of how he landed the role. It is really funny and a blast to read.

Needless to say, there are few books (Galactica or otherwise) that I would recommend more than this. It changed my entire life. It might just change yours, too.

If you would be interested in getting this book, you can order it directly from the The Kamikaze Cowboy Website.

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