Written by Adam Armus and Norma Kay Foster

First Televised January 2000

Guest Stars: Ted Raimi (Joxer), Jay Laga'aia (Draco)

Synopsis Coming Soon!

This is another one of my absolute favorite Xena episodes. I loved this one! This was one of those episodes where you either loved it or hated it. It's nowhere near as good as The Bitter Suite, but it's still very enjoyable. Many fans have said this entire story was ludicrous. Obviously, a certain suspension of disbelief is necessary when it comes to the characters singing songs out of nowhere. Then again, a certain suspension of disbelief is necessary for every Xena episode, since Xena does many superhero feats (giant leaps, the accuracy with her chakram) that are not even remotely possible in a reality-based story. One of the reasons I loved this is because it's simply a nice change of pace for the series; it's a different kind of story than what we're used to seeing. It isn't perfect; the opening song and the Xena/Draco rap come off poorly, but overall everything works as a whole. I absolutely loved the ending with all the characters on stage performing "People Got To Be Free" by The Rascals. It is a great song and a nice way to end the story (I couldn't help but think this could have made for a nice series finale). There was one problem I really had with this episode: The return of Draco. Don't get me wrong; Jay Laga'aia puts in a great performance (his over-the-top performance of "Always Something There To Remind Me" is hilarious; just what you'd expect from someone who is obsessed). But having the character return to evil undermines the ending of A Comedy Of Eros in which Draco was reformed out of his love for Gabrielle. My interpretation is that his love eventually drove him to the brink of insanity, and that is why he tries to murder Gabrielle.

Ted Raimi is outstanding once again as he portrays Joxer's other brother Jayce. Even people who hated this episode said they liked Jayce, who may well be the most popular Xena character Ted Raimi has played. Jayce's performance of "Dancing In The Moonlight" is great. The bad feelings between Jayce and Joxer give us a good reason why Joxer never mentioned Jayce to Xena and Gabrielle before.

The Draco/Gabrielle/Joxer love triangle started in A Comedy Of Eros is played out once again here, as Gabrielle starts having feelings for Joxer! Many fans probably hated this, but I really enjoyed it a lot. Even though Gabrielle rejects Joxer's subtle advance at the end, I'm not quite sure this issue is over.

I was happy that, when Xena talks about her family, she mentions both Gabrielle and Joxer. It's nice that she considers herself close to Joxer since she rarely displays any emotion towards him except exasperation.

Xena whistles her theme song. The first time she whistled it was in the third season episode Fins, Femmes and Gems.

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