Battlestar - This is probably the #1 Galactica site right now. Officially endorsed by Richard Hatch, it has the most current information about Hatch's quest to bring back BSG. You can also find out about convention appearances, the new Battlestar Galactica movie trailer, and other projects that Hatch is involved with. There is also plenty of great fan art to see and lots of great articles covering all aspects of Galactica.

The Universe of Lt. Sheba - This is a fantastic Sheba site with a very professional look and an absolutely incredible layout (I'm jealous!). Lots of great stuff for Sheba fans such as fan fiction, scripts, and images of Sheba and other TV roles that Anne Lockhart has appeared in!

Battlestar Zone - What I love most about this site are interviews conducted with Jim Carlson (Galactica writer), Terrence McDonnell (Galactica writer), Robert Thurston (author of several of the Berkely novelizations and four original novels), and Stu Phillips (series composer). These are great interviews, and you're missing a lot if you don't check them out. There is also lot of other interesting stuff such as scenes from some of the unproduced scripts such as Crossfire, a look at how the Monogram model of a viper differs from the vipers shown on the series, the names of the other battlestars in the fleet, and lots of info on the costumes used in the show. This is definitely one of the best Galactica sites out there.

CultTVMan - Sci-Fi Modeling - This site has pictures of a Monogram viper model modified into a Galactica 1980 viper (a 2-seater instead of a 1-seater).

Anne - This is the OFFICIAL sight of the great Anne Lockhart, although there's nothing there right now.

Battlestar - If you are a fan of Cain and the Pegasus, then this is the site for you! The sister site to Battlestar, this is one of the most visually attractive Galactica pages on the net. Of particular interest is the computer artwork created by various Galactica fans.

Battlestar Blog - This site offers weekly commentary on anything Battlestar Galactica.

Zora's Place - This isn't Galactica related, but it is the second website I own. It is about my good friend Zora Andrich who became a huge celebrity on the TV reality show Joe Millionaire in early 2003. I got plenty Zora right here!

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