In the beginning, after Adama declares from his desk that they have at last found Earth, there is an alternate scene. ON TWO SHIPS IN THE LAUNCH BAY - STOCK preparing for launch. GIRL'S VOICE: "Day-down Patrol standing by for launch." INSIDE VIPER ONE - Senior flight officer Troy... handsome, experienced... going through the motions but with that undercurrent of excitement. TROY: "Day-down one... standing by." INSIDE VIPER TWO - A younger pilot... but equally calm and ready. DILLON: "Day-down two... launch ready." ON THE BRIDGE - STOCK - Launch personnel at their stations. VOICE: "Launch." ON THE LAUNCH BAY - STOCK SEQUENCE as the ships race down their chutes and are purged into space. ON THE TWO VIPERS as they wing over and head out. INSIDE VIPER TWO - DILLON: "This could be it... our last patrol. Have you thought about that?" INTERCUT BETWEEN VIPER ONE AND VIPER TWO - TROY: "I've thought about it." DILLON: "I feel guilty saying this, but... I'm going to miss it." TROY: "What you're feeling, Dillon, is the fact that they aren't going to need us any more." DILLON: "I guess everything comes to an end." TROY: "I won't miss the dying." DILLON: "Could we have avoided the war?" TROY: "The opposite of war isn't always peace. More often it's slavery. At least on Earth we can be strong and free... (beat) I hope." In the next scene, Dr. Zee informs Adama that the Cylons are following them: ADAMA: "Doctor Zee... are you sure?" DR. ZEE: "Am I ever unsure?" ADAMA: "Forgive me... but even now, the spectre of a fourteen-year-old boy with a mind a thousand years ahead of his time..." DR. ZEE: "Adama, the presence of pure intelligence, a cerebral mutation occurs once in ten million years. Use it... don't resent it." ADAMA: "You mistake resentment for awe... We have come to depend on you entirely. Even the slightest miscalculation..." DR. ZEE: "Mistake is not possible in my responses. I did not wnat to alert you to the danger until I was certain. Why don't you verify my suspicion? Send your patrol beyond its usual range... Quickly, before the Cylons can perceive the change in routine. I believe you will catch them... following... waiting." Adama stares at Dr. Zee, then turns and exits. ON VIPERS ONE AND TWO moving along on routine patrol. ADAMA: Commander Adama to Day-Down Patrol. INTERCUT ADAMA AT COMMUNICATION BANK AND SHIPS IN SPACE - TROY: "Yes, Commander." ADAMA: "Operation Caprica... Code Blue... Blue... Green... Yellow." ON VIPER ONE - TROY: (ominously) "Yes, sir..." Troy reaches down and punches in a code to his readout. The first color responds -- blue. DILLON: "Troy... what is it? What was that all about?" TROY: "A battle order... coded." The second color... blue... then green, then yellow. Then suddenly the face of Adama. ADAMA: "This is a recorded battle order to be used only in a command crisis condition. Execute at once." The screen goes blank, replaced by written commands. "Proceed to outer perimeter at full thrusters." DILLON'S VOICE: "Full thrusters, I don't think I've used those since training." TROY: "We're using them now." ON THE TWO VIPERS as they execute full thrusters. CLOSE ON A DIGITAL COUNTER as it races ahead numerically growing higher. ON DILLON - DILLON: "Woooee... what a ride." ON A SERIES OF PLANETS as they race by, almost a blurr. DILLON: "How fast are we going?" ON TROY - TROY: "Just fast enough to get us beyond... By all that's holy..." POINT OF VIEW - Two Cylons flying above a moon. TROY: "Hard about, Dillon." ON THE CYLONS banking. TROY: "Never mind... they've seen us. Let's go get 'em before they can call for help." ON A CYLON-VIPER BATLE - STOCK - as the final flash dissipates, leaving the two vipers alone amongst the stars. TROY: "Let's get back... full thrusters." DILLON: "Wait... there might be more of 'em." TROY: "Of course there's more of 'em. That's why we're getting out of here." THE TWO VIPERS swing around and head off. ON THE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA as the two Vipers come in for a landing.

Jamie gets Troy and Dillon to take her into their viper by grabbing Troy's laser and threatening to give it to the police.

Missing Scenes

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