In the classroom, there are more pointless educational lessons.

Boxey: "My dad said that it would be possible for those people to kill us before we'd know what hit us if they carry the wrong bugs." Athena: "Your father said that to you?" Boxey: "Not exactly. He was arguing with Starbuck." Athena: "If you'll all please continue to read the text on your monitors... I will be right back. Boxey, will you come with me?" In a corridor outside the school bay. Apollo approches them. Athena: "Apollo, are you trying to frighten the children of the Galactica out of their wits?" Apollo: "What?" Athena: "I'm trying to reassure the children that what has happened is good. Boxey overheard you tell Starbuck that this event could kill us all." Apollo: "What I said was that we and the people in that ship share the same risk. Either could be dangerous to the other." Athena: "But we decontaminated their ship." Apollo: "The outside. What if we do kill off any viral strains or bacteria form that could hurt us? What about all the things in our own air that we take for granted and breathe safely every day? Any one of them might be as lethal as poison to the people on that ship." Boxey: "I told you..." Athena: "Then just what am I supposed to tell these children who have been promised hope of a normal existence once we find Earth?" Apollo: "The truth. That we have taken a giant step forward." Athena: "If it doesn't send us plunging off a cliff." Apollo: "If you'd like... I'll speak to your class a little later on. When we know more." Athena: "I'm not so sure."

After Adama makes the decision to let the ship go and Apollo and Starbuck leave his quarters, Tigh says, "The council will boil you both alive." Adama: "My son may never come back. That ship could be on a phantom course set by some space pioneers a thousand yahren ago. You think I'm worried about what happens to me?" Tigh: "Then why let them go?" Adama: "Because the civilization we seek is getting close and I do not intend to destroy their first emissaries." Tigh: "You instead risk your own son." Adama: "What better sign can I give the council that I believe with all my heart that we are doing the right thing." Adama turns to the window and Tigh places a hand on his shoulder.

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