When Sheba kisses Apollo inside the Cylon raider, after a moment, he kisses her back.

After Starbuck, Apollo and Boomer clasp hands in the pilots' quarters, Starbuck and Apollo head for the landing bay to meet Baltar. After getting on the lift, Starbuck says, "You know, everyone wishing us luck is making me nervous." Apollo: "Yeah, I know what you mean. (looks around) I kind of hoped I'd see Sheba again before we launched." Starbuck: (smiles) "Did you?" Apollo: (looks at him) "What are you smiling at?" (The lift touches the base and they step off. We move with them.) Starbuck: (laughing) "Sometimes, you're funny, buddy."

At the very end in the Celestial dome, as Apollo climbs down from the chair, he slips and Starbuck catches him. Starbuck says, "You're the only guy I know who would fall out of the hand of God."

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