During Apollo's speech to the women pilots, it is revealed that Dietra was a colonial warrior/pilot from the Atlantia who survived the battlestar's destruction. Other women are also revealed to be seasoned viper pilots.

After the Galactica enters the void and Adama says, "Order all ships to maintain visual contact on the Galactica", Tigh says "Commander, some of the skippers on those old barges aren't really Captains, they're trainess, barely competent. If we could skirt the heart of this magnetic field..." Adama: "Tigh... We may not have a providential guiding light to see us through like our ancestors, but we do have the best navigators in the universe aboard this battlestar. We will find our way." Tigh: (sighs in frustration) "Yes, sir." Omega: "The freighter Yarborough is now in distress and rolling. Unable to keep visual on us." Tigh: "Commander." Adama: "Continue on course."

In the life station, Starbuck and Apollo nervously watch Casseopia lower the Cryo-tube temperature on Boomer. The doctor is standing over Boomer administering medication. Cassiopea: "Doctor Salik has isolated the virus. He's given Boomer an anti-virus he believes will counteract the infection." Starbuck: "Believes?" Cassiopea: "He's the best. I'm sure he's right." Apollo: "He'd better be. We're betting their lives on him." Cassiopea goes back to reading the monitors. The doctor crosses to the console and looks down on her. Starbuck: "Boomer?" And then the rest of the scene continues.

There is more dialogue between the female pilots during their victory celebration at the officers' club.

After Baltar tells Lucifer that the humans "will come willingly to my arms", Lucifer tells him that three ships have drifted away from the Colonial fleet and suggests they destroy them, but Baltar refuses.

There is more to the wedding - Adama says to Apollo, "Nervous?" Apollo says, "No. Not a bit." Adama answers, "Neither was I when I was married to your mother." Serina and Boxey enter. Adama first asks if Boxey (the protector of Serina) will relinquish his responsibilities to Apollo. Boxey looks at Apollo and says nothing. Then he smiles and says "Yes!" and there is a sigh of relief among everyone. Then Adama wraps the medallion around the wrists of Apollo and Serina, and the rest of the scene begins

On Kobol, Adama says that, after the planet died, the people "turned on the technology that could have saved them. After they destroyed the ships that took them away, it took them hundreds of yahrens to revive even the most primitive crafts."

After Starbuck is released and Apollo orders everyone to break camp, Athena tells Starbuck that he and Serina were just sealed. Starbuck says, "Sealed! Without me?" Athena says, "Well... if you really want to be at a marriage ceremony..." Starbuck realizes what she is implying and quickly runs off.

When the Galactica launches fighters to aid in the battle of Kobol, one of the pilots loses consciousness in the middle of the launch and his ship explodes in the launch tube. Two other pilots are unable to launch due to falling unconscious.

When the outnumbered viper squadron is trapped, Dietra says, "We're trapped!" Starbuck: "Let's go out fighting. (beat) Athena!" Athena: "On your wing, Starbuck." Starbuck: (believing he is about to die) "I love you! Sort of."

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