After Starbuck crashes and Athena tries to tell him about the destruction of the Colonies, he storms the bridge demanding to know why the Galactica left the fleet: Omega: "We're the only surviving battlestar." Tigh: "Oh, my god... Make the pilots from the other ships as welcome as you can." Starbuck: "Little late for that, Colonel..." All eyes swing to Starbuck moving in with Athena a few steps behind him. Athena: "He doesn't know what happened, Colonel. I don't think any of them know." Starbuck: "Know what?" Boomer and Jolly come to a stop beside Starbuck. Tigh: "Put the transmissions we monitored back on the scanners... for our young patriots." Starbuck: "If this is going to be a lecture on military protocol..." The bombing is displayed on the scanners and the pilots are sobered and horrified at what they see. This scene survived mostly intact in the Berkely novelization.

There is more dialogue between Starbuck and Cassiopea in their first conversation on the shuttle: Starbuck: "No wonder those little buggers are such good card players." Cassiopea: "Beg pardon?" Starbuck: "Nothing... Well, I guess I have all I need... They'll be waiting for you with this information when we dock. Are you in any pain now? Can I give you something?" Cassiopea: "You've already been very kind." Starbuck: "What can I tell you... It's my job. Also, I'm not an Otori... and I have been getting these headaches. The pressure, I guess I just need some kind of release." Cassiopea: "Make an appointment." Starbuck: "I just might do that... I might just... ah..."

There is more to the scene with Adama and Athena in Adama's quarters. Adama: "I don't know what happened to her but God... I don't want it anymore. Let someone else do it. Take this burden from me." He buries himself in Athena's arms. Athena: "Father... Were it not for you, we'd all be gone now. Instead, many are saved. Look out on that field of stars... It's the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. Life... life searching for a new world... a place to be and grow... to have happiness and a future..." Adama looks into his child's eyes. Adama: "There is a time when the sceptre passes from the old to the new... When the spirit of the young transcends the wisdom of the old. My time is past. Yours... Apollo's... So many others are better equipped to lead... And for that, I'm grateful..." Adama rises and moves back to the starfield.

There is more to the scene with Adama and Tigh on the Galactica bridge: Tigh: "Finding us now would be almost impossible, assuming we don't make any mistakes." Adama: "That question I propose to leave to other voices." Tigh is concerned. Adama: "I'm submitting my resignation to the council." Tigh: "Commander, I think we'd better talk." Adama: "Of course, old friend. But my mind is made up." Woman On Duty: "Colonel... Long range patrol on com-line." Greenbean: (in viper cockpit) "Request permission to withdraw probes. Fuel running low and we're getting awfully hungry." Tigh turns to Adama who nods. Tigh: "Bring them back. Fuel and food, commander... They're fast becoming a calamity. If ever we needed leadership..." Adama: "The fleet is filled with good men... you included, Colonel. The council will decide." Adama turns and leaves the bridge. As he does, a troubled Colonel Tigh looks out to the starfield and the fleet of rag tag ships.

Could this be a photo of the missing scene where Apollo confronts Adama about his resigning from the Council? The very next scene takes place in Adama's quarters: Apollo: (anguished) "Father, it's treasonous to even consider stepping down." Athena: "Apollo, you have the simple mind of a mechanical drone programmed only to... fight." Adama: "Athena, please. It's difficult enough without turning what's left of our family into a vortex of invectives..." Athena: "Well, I won't listen to your feelings being battered by a man who feels nothing." Adama: "Athena, I will not have it. Either mind your tongue or leave." Athena stiffens. Adama: "I said I wished to resign... not leap into the void. I'm perfectly capable of defending my own actions." Apollo: "Not by my measure." Adama: "And what is your measure? What heartbeat guides you in telling one man he must die while another one lives?" Apollo: "Could any man have done better, or been fairer? Did you succumb to influence... or politics... or whimsy? Didn't you do the best you could?" Adama: "Yes, Apollo... but it isn't enough to know I did the best I could. I will only sleep when I know I will never have to endure that agony again." Apollo stares at his father in anger. Apollo: "That, Commander, is cowardice." He turns and leaves. Athena: "Apollo, if you turn on him now..." Adama: "Let him go." Apollo exits. Adama: "He isn't wrong." Athena: "Father, you're no coward." Adama: "Maybe I am for not raising my voice soon enough... when the destruction coudl have been avoided." Athena: "You think there's someone better qualified to lead?" Adama: "There has to be... or we're doomed." (This explains why Adama is not able to simply overrule the Council's decision to take the fleet into the Cylon minefield or their proposal to destroy the fleet's weapons)

While on the casino on Carillon, Serina feels the side-effects of an illness. Serina and Apollo are enjoying themselves in the casino on Carillon. SERINA: "Itís a circus...a wonderland." APOLLO: "Itís giving a lot of people the kind of relief break they desperately needed." SERINA: "I'm so glad to see them all happy...that woman there at the table...I watched her husband die in her arms only a few days ago." (as they start forward an uncertain look crosses Serinaís face. She falters slightly, clinging to Apollo) APOLLO: "Are you all right?" (she appears slightly faint, then smiles warmly her, composure returning) SERINA: "So much has happened...I think itís all catching up with me." APOLLO: "I'll take you to the guest quarters." SERINA: "No, Iím not going to let my evening be spoiled. I want to sit right here at one of the tables." APOLLO: "Why donít we win a fortune?" SERINA: "Why donít we, my beautiful captain?"

This scene occurs in the Life Station just after Boomer informs Starbuck that theyíve won the Star Cluster, and is John (Dr. Paye) Finkís big scene that ended up on the cutting room floor. PAYE: "Serina. You look as ravishing as you do on Transmission. I love your programs." SERINA: "Youíre very kind." PAYE: "Iím all set for you in the next chamber. Captain, if you want to have a chair." APOLLO: "No, I think Iíll see my father while Iím here. If you need me, Iíll be at Core Center." (he leans in and kisses Serina lightly) SERINA: "If itís contagious, youíve got it." APOLLO: "Iím willing to share anything youíve got. Sheís in your hands, Doctor." Moments later, after Apollo exits. PAYE: "You havenít told him, yet." SERINA: "No, I canít." PAYE: "How do you feel?" SERINA: "Worse. Can you tell me how much time I have left?" PAYE (grimly) "Yes, I think so." SERINA: "I can only speak for myself, Doctor. But it runs deep." PAYE: "Tell me the symptoms. Of the problem, not the romance." SERINA: "Itís unlike anything Iíve ever felt before. Kind of a general weakness, a lapsing of sensation in my fingertips. A lightness of head." There follow three scene numbers marked OMITTED, then we cut briefly to a scene of Apollo conferring with Adama and Tigh on the bridge about the upcoming medal ceremony, then back to Paye and Serina. The examination is clearly over and they are walking along what is described as a long, lonely corridor. Paye has his arm around Serina. PAYE: "We've had several other cases, the symptoms are the same." SERINA: "You donít know what it is?" PAYE: "I have an idea." SERINA: "A theory?" PAYE: "More than a theory. Youíre familiar with the problem we had with the food we brought from home?" SERINA: "Yes, of course. Apparently the Cylons were intermixing some sort of Nutron (sic) weapon with their explosives, contaminated the food." PAYE: "Broke down the cellular structure." SERINA: "And what has that to do with..." (Serina stops and turns into Paye) PAYE: "Itís happening to people." SERINA: "My God!" PAYE: "Not many... only a few who may have been exposed to that weapon." SERINA: "Whatís going to happen to me?" (Paye turns to continue walking, desperately trying to break the eye contact) PAYE: "Within the limits of my knowledge, I can tell you youíll experience a gradual loss of strength." SERINA: "How far will the loss go?" PAYE: "As I say, Iíve never experienced..." SERINA: "Whatís the condition of the others?" PAYE: "Serina, you canít judge one patientís condition by anotherís. The degree of exposure might have been quite different." (Serina stops the doctor cold, her eyes searing his defenses) SERINA: "Doctor..." PAYE: "Theyíve all died." (it is now Serinaís defenses which crumble. She turns away) PAYE: "Iíll alert Captain Apollo." SERINA: "No. Donít tell anyone." PAYE: "But someone will need to know... to be able to..." (she turns back, her spirits suddenly buttressed, her facade fortified) "How long?" PAYE: "It took you longer than the others to show symptoms. I think you could have..." SERINA: "Donít make me waste what time I have left. How long?" PAYE: "A few days... at most."

At the gambling table on Carillon, there is more to Starbuck and Athena's conversation. Athena: "And to think of what I almost drove you to..." Starbuck: "Hmmm?" Athena: "That socialator... I practically forced you into her arms." Starbuck: "She had interesting arms..." (as Athena glares) "I mean they were unfeminine... Did you notice? Long pointy fingers! It was all I could do to put up with her to make you jealous." Athena breaks into a warm grin. Athena: "You went through that... that ordeal... just to make me jealous." Starbuck: (modestly) "Well..." (then considering the source) "Say, how is it you know so much about my ordeal?" When Cassiopea angrily storms away, Athena says, "Smart lady... You'd better look around for someone more on your level... If you can get that low." She gives him the room key and also leaves. In the wake of the two ladies, an extremely heavy girl at the end of the table with the face of a wild boar flashes her eyelashes at Starbuck. His expression sinks.

In the final cut, the scene where Starbuck and Boomer sit at a casino table and watch the three alien singers takes place soon after Starbuck and Boomer first discover the casino. In the script, this scene occurs much later, immediately after Starbuck brushes off Athena and Cassiopea at the gambling table.

This is the final scene, which was actually shot and edited out, the so-called "Anthem scene." Test audiences found it to be too depressing, and that may have played a factor as to why it was cut. In this, many of the survivors of the escape from Carillon gather to give thanks in the Galacticaís Council Chamber, including, according to the script, the Space Supremes, the two-mouthed, four-eyed singers from the Carillon casino. The one picture from this scene to escape Universalís editing department shows Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer in their duty uniforms, Athena, Serina, and Cassiopiea in their Carillon dresses, and Boxey. ADAMA: "We thank our Lord for delivering us from evil and commit mankind unto all things that are good and righteous... on behalf of all creatures born to the blessing of life." (the body of people in the hall begin to sing the beguiling strains of the anthem of the colonies...) ON APOLLO, BOXEY AND SERINA (as they stand singing the strains... slowly pushing in we find Serina wavering slightly. Quickly she glances down to Boxey and across to Apollo. They havenít noticed... she lets go of Boxeyís hand, bending down to whisper in his ear) SERINA: "I want to you to stay very close to Captain Apollo... all right?" BOXEY: "All right." (Serina rises up and exchanges smiles with Apollo who has turned to her) SERINA: "Will you keep an eye on my baby..." (Apollo smiles warmly, assuming little from Serinaís casual tone, as she turns and slides out of the end of the row and heads towards the door in the back of the auditorium, a short distance behind the back row.) A BACK SHOT OF APOLLO AND BOXEY (Pushing past the exiting Serina to a close shot on the backs of the strong young warrior holding the hand of the little boy... and just beneath Boxeyís seat... Muffy, curled up contentedly) SERINA: (at the door stops to look back once more) ON APOLLO (as his expression seems to turn reflective... then sober... Slowly he turns around to look back at the doorway) REVERSE ANGLE (as Apolloís face swings around to look at the doorway) SERINA: (looks at Apollo soberly... pain crosses her face and she begins to turn away) APOLLO: (looks back... a knowing expression on his face... but the moment before he begins to move toward her, we:) FREEZE FRAME AND HOLD - HARD CUT TO THE GALACTICA AND THE RAG TAG FLEET (moving through space) ADAMAíS VOICE: "Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last battlestar, Galactica, leads a rag tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest... a shining planet, known as Earth."

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