After Adama says to Kronus, "You burned that into my brain when I was your aid", Charka steps up to the two men. Charka: "Excuse me, Commander. Your pilot is here. The shuttle is ready whenever you are." Kronus: "We'll leave shortly, Charka." Then we see Starbuck, Apollo, and Boomer. Boomer: (chuckling) "I though Tigh was going to blast right out of his boots!" Apollo: "Well, breaking formation isn't exactly part of the military code." Starbuck: "A centon sooner and I might've caught her." His eyes widen as he spots something. HIS POINT OF VIEW - Aurora standing near the door. Starbuck: (o.s.) "There she is!" As Starbuck hurriedly pushes through the crowd, Apollo and Boomer share a look. Boomer: "Well, I'll be! It is Aurora!" Apollo: "Yeah. Let's not interrupt."

After Starbuck walks away from Cassiopea to go after Aurora, Sheba joins Cassiopea as Starbuck stops after a few steps. Sheba: "I couldn't help noticing. Did you interrupt something?" Cassiopea: "Yeah. I guess I did."

On the Galactica bridge, after Starbuck says to Apollo, "I guess I thought you'd try to talk me out of it", Apollo answers "No. You wanna go, go. I just want to know why." Starbuck: "I have to straighten something out." Apollo: "Starbuck, why not just leave it alone?" Starbuck: (a beat; then) "Because after seeing her, I think I still care about her... a lot." Apollo: "I think maybe you and Cassiopea are getting so close, it's got you scared to death. I think maybe you're not running to Aurora... you're running away from Cassiopea." Starbuck: "Look... buddy. Aurora already did a pretty good job of kicking me in the teeth today." Apollo: "What makes you think she won't do it again?" Starbuck: "Apollo, I gotta try." (beat; brightens) "She's not mad at you. You could get her to listen."

After Apollo tells Tigh that both he and Starbuck are going to the Celestra for a maintenance scan, Tigh asks, "What's wrong with your viper!?" Apollo: "Same thing as Starbuck's." As they move away, Tigh looks after them, puzzled. Starbuck: "Thanks, buddy." Apollo: "I hope it works out." Starbuck: "It will... Aurora's really a very gentle and forgiving person."

After Starbuck and Apollo close the canopies of their vipers so they can launch: ANGLE - SHEBA'S VIPER As Cassiopea moves past. Sheba: "You aren't going to just let him go?" Cassiopea: "I can't stop him." Sheba: "But you know he's going over there to see her. Don't you care?" Cassiopea: "I didn't say that. I said I can't stop him." Sheba smiles gently at Cassiopea in understanding as Cassiopea moves to exit.

On the shuttle, after Kronus says, "Exactly what I was thinking, Captain. Lock in on her ion trail and come up her exhaust", Apollo answers "We're going back, but not that way." Kronus: "Are you disobeying a direct order!?" Apollo: "With all due respect, sir, I'm piloting, so I'm in charge." Kronus: "Captain!" For a long beat, Kronus and Apollo lock eyes, then - Apollo: "Commander, your suggestion would work if..."

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