This is the complete converstion that takes place between Starbuck and Boomer at the beginning. Starbuck: "Boomer. I just reached a big decision. And I feel you should be the first to know." Boomer: "There's only two of us out here." Starbuck: (looks off) "See that red star forty degrees to port?" Boomer: "Gotcha. What's the big decison?" Starbuck: "I was staring at it... and from out of the blue, the words of my ol' flight instructor came back to me. (imitates old flight instructor) Starbuck, a Viper pilot only flies three Vipers: the one he trains in; the one he escapes from... and the one he dies in." Boomer: (irritated) "Starbuck, it's been a long mission. You're tired." Starbuck: "Gambling and socializing between alerts. That's the big decision. (beat) I'm giving them up." Boomer: "The gambling...? A tiny maybe. But the socializing...? Uh, uh. (shakes his head) Not a chance." Starbuck: "D'you wanna bet?" Boomer: (suddenly alert) "Starbuck... the scanner!" And then the Cylons attack.

As soon as Spectre orders the remaining Cylon raider to return to base, Boomer comes from behind and destroys it. Boomer: (looks back over his shoulder) "That's for Starbuck."

In Adama's bed chambers, after Cassiopea says, "You won't be for long if you don't get some sleep", Adama says (looking at Apollo), "Why people feel the compulsive need to continually offer advice to the sick is beyond me." Cassiopea: "Because some people are too stubborn to take it!"

After Apollo says that he and Boomer will take a shuttle to go after Starbuck, Adama says (looking at Athena and Cassiopea), "I don't suppose you could use an extra pilot and med tech?" Apollo: (laughs) "No, sir." Adama lies back weakly. Adama: "I thought you'd say that."

After Starbuck surrenders to the Cylons, he says, "Take it easy, fellas. Let's not do something I'm going to regret." Cylon Commander: "On your feet, humanoid." Starbuck: "Easier said than done."

There is more dialogue after Starbuck tells the Cylon, "At least we don't rust." Starbuck: "Did you hear that?" Cylon Commander: "What?" Starbuck: "A squeak. (looks down) Sounded like your ankle. There it is again! I think you could use a little lubricant. Petro-based number seven ought to..." Cylon Commander: "Silence!" Starbuck: "Just trying to help."

After Kyle tells Starbuck he won't find better warriors in the galaxy than them, Miri says, "You'll have to excuse Kyle. He thinks he's so... grown up since we let him play leader." Kyle: "I do not play at being leader, Miri." Starbuck: "No... You don't. You're really very good."

After Staruck and the children finish practicing their song inside the cave, the children laugh with elation. Starbuck: "If nothing else... we sure sound good. (beat) Once more... all together." We move in tight on the map scratched into the ground as... ALL: (v.o.) "Through the tunnel, under the land..."

There is a final scene that occurs on the Galactica bridge. Colonel Tigh is seated in Adama's chair addressing operations. Omega: "Long-range scanner indicate distant activity in the Tau sector... six hectares." Tigh: (crisp order) "Launch a patrol. Flight Sergeants Jolly and Giles --" Rigel: "Short-range transmission from Captain Apollo's shuttle... mission successful... requesting vectors." ON ADAMA - He is standing behind Tigh, just below the flying bridge. He smiles at the news. We pull back to see Tigh with his back to Adama. Tigh: "We can't risk a transmission until we know what is in Tau sector. Launch a second patrol... Lieutenant Dietra and Athena. Have them establish visual contact and lead the shuttle home. (beat) What's the status of our number three pulse engine?" Omega: "Three centares until repairs are completed." Tigh: "Tell engineering they have one... we may have to move quickly." Omega: "Yes, sir. I also have a request to close launch tubes six and eight for maintenance." Tigh: "Only after number three engine is back on the line. (beat) Switch long-range scan to widesweep once the recon patrol is launched." CLOSE ON ADAMA as he turns and quietly starts to leave the bridge. He runs right into Cassiopea. Cassiopea: (sternly) "What do you think you're doing here... sir?" Adama turns and looks at Tigh. ADAMA'S POINT OF VIEW - COLONEL TIGH'S BACK - Still giving orders... everything under control. BACK ON ADAMA AND CASSIOPEA - Adama: (softly) "Why... Going to get some sleep." He exits and we move in on Cassiopea's face... in shock. GALACTICA AND FLEET - FADE OUT - THE END

There is a slightly earlier script of this episode called The Young Warriors. In it, the planet Starbuck crashes on is called Trillion, not Atilla.

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