Updated November 27, 2001

I love your website! I don't know how I've missed it for so long. I've never run across anyone who knew Galactica like I do. :) I mean that as a compliment as I feel as you do about never having anyone to share Galactica with. That is, until I went to the 15th and 20th Yahren Reunions. They were both great and I met a lot of nice people but I still have to say that most had a lot of Galactica facts confused. Many I spoke to only had a few episodes on tape and hadn't seen most of the show in years (until sci-fi channel of course). The problem with sci-fi is they edit the shows so badly. You miss a lot. I have every episode on tape and like you (I'm sure), I've watched them a gazillion times! Literally.

Anyway, your site is great and I think you have the most solid and honest reviews that I've ever read. I don't agree with them all but for the most part, I think you were viewing the same show I saw. I also liked your reviews of the Berkley novels. To me, these novels are the second season Galactica never had. The only one I am missing is "Die, Chameleon." You made some good points about "Surrender the Galactica" but I still liked it more than both "Apollos' War" and "The Nightmare Machine". It had a lot of action and how about Lucifer disguised as a Nomen, bursting through Adama's door and beginning to strangle him only to join the Colonials later?

I also really enjoyed the Maximum Press series (Mostly the War of Eden). I thought it wrapped up the search for "Earth" in a sense but showed that they would obviously continue the search for the 13th tribe. I agree, that by "Journey's End", the plot was full of holes and was getting out of hand. However, as much as I love Richard Hatch and all he has done, I feel that his comics were the weakest of the series. Like his books, they are very preachy and over the top. Plus, his insistance that Apollo has special powers and such just does not sit with me. That's not what the show was about and it's even worse in his "average" books. Apollo and Athena are a little too much like Luke and Leia and the force. Clearly, he was writing with the hope that his stories would become a new movie or series and he was giving himself the role of a lifetime. Well, I've taken up enough of your time. Hope to hear back from you as I have plenty more I could talk about. Again, excellent site and keep up the good work.

Shawn L. Scialo

Thank you for taking the time to write out such a long e-mail. I don't get much e-mail, but when I do it makes all those long hours worthwhile!

I was also at the 20 Yahren Reunion and had the time of my life. Meeting other Galactica fans was almost as fun as meeting the actors.

And yes, I've seen the episodes many times, but I watch them only rarely these days so I don't get sick of them. I did enjoy Lucifer attacking Adama in Surrender The Galactica and his joining the fleet, but the book is still very dissapointing overall. And I'm afraid I just can't agree about the Maximum Press comics. They really pale compared to the Realm Press comics which had phenomenal artwork even though the writing took a nosedive in the later issues.

It's clear that Richard Hatch used the comic books and his novels to promote his own vision of a Galactica series using the original cast some 20 years into the future. Although I haven't been his biggest supporter, I do admire and applaud his efforts.

Hello, John!

I am a fellow BG fan, and I came across your site in a search for a description of the UK released "Space Casanova". (Kudos on a well-developed, informative site BTW!!)

Anyway, there happens to be a copy of "Space Casanova" for sale on EBay, and before I bid on it, I was wondering if you could advise me.

I already have a copy of the regular 47-minute "Long Patrol" (I actually have ALL the episodes except "Take the Celestra" - which I can't seem to find anywhere!!) So imagine my delight when I saw that they bundled the "Long Patrol" with "Celestra." However, I read on your site that many of the 95-min bundled episodes are badly stiched together, and even missing scenes.

Do you think I would be wasting my money if I bid on this "Space Casanova?" (the bid is up to 11.50 - but it could go as high as god-knows ;-) Have you seen the video ? Should I just hold off until I can find the 47-min version of "Take the Celestra" by itself?

Thanks for your time,


PS: What was it like meeting Dirk Benedict? I had SUCH a crush on him in high school, when the show was on. WOW! He seems like a pretty cool guy.

As to whether you would be wasting your money, it all depends on how you look at it. I have not seen Space Casanova, but I have heard that the tele-movies have been cut up pretty badly, so if you want to see the episode in its original form, you probably won't be getting it.

Still, I imagine the tele-movie would probably be fun to watch nonetheless (The experience would probably be one of those "It's so bad, it's good" type of things). If you really, REALLY want to see the original episode, it sadly is not available on video anymore. The Sci-Fi channel has a Galactica marathon every December (usually either on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve), so you could probably catch it then. Unfortunately, the episodes are edited for more commercials, but Take The Celestra in my opinion is the worst episode of them all, so you wouldn't be missing much.

For those of you who are interested, the telemovies can be ordered here.

Meeting Dirk Benedict was truly an honor (Check out my review of the GoMainline Galactica con). I whole-heartedly recommend his book "Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy". His life story is a fascinating read!

Hello Anne,

I completed your trivia section on your website and can't believe how hilarious, but brutally honest it is. I can just remember most of the popular episodes back when it was still on TV and never watched much of any of them again, and still I could guess the probable answers and be correct. If the networks like FOX do want do reintroduce Galactica, I hope they do it justice and bring back you as Sheba.


Hate to tell you this, but although Sheba hangs out in this galaxy, Anne Lockhart sadly does not. I have met Anne twice (lucky me!) but I don't have any regular contact with her, so I can't forward any messages. I can understand the confusion, though. Anne had her own site at www.annelockhart.com, but it has disappeared. I wouldn't mind it at all if this was to become the OFFICIAL Anne Lockhart site. Is there anyone out there who can pass this offer on to Anne?

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