Januray 17, 2002

(In your article about Star Wars vs. Galactica) you state that the Ewoks could not defeat the Empire at Endor. Being a former US Marine intelligence analyst, I see several real world parallels that say they most certainly could.

Here is the quote I am referring to, on your galactica vs Star Wars page: Criticism #6: The bad guys are a joke. Yes, the Cylons could never shoot straight. However, could someone please explain how the Stormtroopers lost to the Ewoks? "Look out! Teddy bear creatures! And they've got primitive hand-made weapons! Let's forget our years of experienced military training, throw down our high-tech weaponry, and run away!" Stormtroopers losing to the Ewoks is akin to Cylons losing to the Super Scouts.

One, the Empire adheres to a fairly rigid command structure. The individual storm troopers are not developed for personal initiative in responding to changing situations, nor do they have the autority to carry out such ideas if they come up with them. Fear of punishment "Just following orders" has caused defeats in the past. The Ewok tactical organization was far more flexible and capable of dealing with unforseen contingencies.

Secondly, the Ewoks had a FAR superior knowledge of Endor than the Imperials did. They knew what worked when fighting in those forests and what did not work. They knew the terrain and their resources, and had high ranking officers of the Rebellion giving them detailed information about the Imperial capabilities. The Imperials had no such information about the Ewok tactical mind. I refer you to Sun Tzu- "IF you know yourself but not the enemy you will win half and lose half".

As you see, the Ewoks had a much better command structure for this sort of battle and had a MASSIVE intelligence advantage over the Imperial forces. I now go to real world examples:

1776, the American colonies of the British Empire declared independence. Outgunned, facing off against a far more organized force(two reasons the Ewoks should have lost according to your viewss) they used their superior knowledge of the battlfield and a more flexible command structure to defeat the British. The Continental Army having several former British officers in it, as well as advisors from other nations, also had an intelligence advantage. AS you see, better intelligence and a more flexible command structure can win major wars.

1960(app) to 1975, Vietnam. Here was a war where the United States had every advantage imaginable. WE could produce far more, far better weapons than the north vietnamese could. We could field larger forces, with much more in depth training and far better organization. Yet they defeated us. Again, they used a better knowledge of the battlefield and a more flexible combat structure to overcome a foe far more powerful than they could hope to defeat in a direct confrontation.

As you can see, numbers, organization and technology can never assure victory. Intelligence information, flexibility of command structure, and morale is important. And determination. The Ewoks were facing enslavement. They were so paranoid about others dominating them that they were ready to roast a jedi for dinner. Sheer determination counts for alot in battle. Look at the reports of the Chosin Reservoir campaign in Korea. Surrounded, outnumbered by about 10-1, outgunned(in small arms at least) and isolated from friendly forces the First Marine division not only survived against this surprise attack but inflicted irrecoverable losses on the Chinese forces attacking them. And withdrew in good order, taking their dead and wounded with them, and were ready to hold the port of Hungnam Ni that they had withdrawn to.

The empire did outgun the ewoks, and had better organization, but the other factors of warfare were absolutely in the favor of the Ewoks and I feel if the battle were played out in real life the Ewoks would stand triumphant as they did in the movie.

First of all, I want to say I appreciate you taking the time to send such a well-thought out argument. I think you make a lot of good points. While your examples of the American Revolution and Vietnam War are certainly proof that the Ewoks could have defeated the Imperials over a long drawn-out war, I feel the actual battle we saw seemed like a joke for several reasons.

First of all, most of the Ewoks were out in the open, thus the Imperials should have been able to easily mow them down with laser fire (It did not seem like a Vietnam guerilla warfare situation). There are several scenes of Imperial stormtroopers running away without even trying to shoot at the Ewoks. Keep in mind, also, that during the entire battle we only see ONE Ewok casualty. While I understand that George Lucas probably wanted to make a movie for kids, it seems ridiculous that the Ewoks didn't lose more (Of course they probably did - we just didn't see it).

You may well be right that the Ewoks could have won the battle. I just feel that the battle itself was portrayed poorly because it looked like the Imperials should have been able to win it without much effort if they only would have taken aim and fired away.


Great website. My question is this.... I know that there are many versions of the 3 hour Saga Of A Star world. I have the 2hr 5min movie version. Do you know where I can buy a good quality version that is longer or even the full 3 hours? Thanks for your help on this.


There was never a three hour version of Saga Of A Star World. The version that aired on ABC television was the longest and that was roughly 2 and a half hours. That version is currently available in the U.K. but not the U.S. However, you can usually find it on Ebay.com, the auction website. Sellers of this video usually mention in their auction description that it is the full-length version.

Is it true that Glen A. Larson is a Latter Day Saint, and if so, has he ever commented on the F.U. that is spelled out in the lights on Caprica? Lemme know. Thanx

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I have no idea about the first question. As for the second, I have read numerous interviews with him, and he has never mentioned it as far as I know. He may not even be aware of it. If he is, it may not be something he would be anxious to bring attention to.

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