This quadrant of Sheba's galaxy will be used to answer readers' questions about Battlestar Galactica or comments about this website. I may not know everything there is to know about Galactica, but I will attempt to answer them as best I can.

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The Great Ewoks Vs. Stormtroopers Debate; Video Of The Full-Length Pilot Episode; The Lights of Caprica

Fond memories of Galactica 1980?; The mysterious third viper button; The original number of battlestars; Missing Scenes from Take The Celestra; Desperately Seeking Galactica 1980

Comments about the Berkley books and Richard Hatch's books; The infamous Galactica Tele-movies; A Letter to Anne

Quality of content vs. splashy graphics; Rediscovering BSG; Missing Scene from War Of The Gods; The Return Of Starbuck

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