Written by Chris Manheim

Guest Stars: Jay Laga'aia (Draco)

Xena saves Gabrielle's village of Poteidaia from soliders of a warlord named Draco. Gabrielle, one of the young women she saves, desperately wants to join her on her journeys. Xena reluctantly allows this, and they end up back in Xena's home village of Amphipolis where her mother, Cyrene, is still very angry at her for her dark days as an evil warlord. Draco takes his army to attack Amphipolis. The villagers think it's Xena's army thanks to Draco's manipulation. Xena goes to challenge Draco to clear her name and save her village. Draco gives Xena a choice of either becoming his mate or fighting him to the death. Xena defeats him, and he agrees to take his army and leave.


Xena gets off to a solid start with its first episode. Ironically, the best part of the episode is the beginning where we see Xena, not long after leaving Hercules, riding her horse Argo through the wilderness. We see powerful flashbacks of her dark past. It soon becomes clear not only is Lucy Lawless gorgeous, but she can act. The beautiful New Zealand scenery gives Xena a much different feel from your average TV show. Draco is a great character for someone who is essentially a throw-away villain. Fortunately, he would return in the second season's outstanding A Comedy Of Eros. A solid first episode overall.

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