This early draft of Saga Of A Star World is actually similar to the final version in many ways. It starts out with Skyler (the early name for Apollo) and Zac flying through space and quickly discovering the Cylon tanker.

The early Starbuck character was apparently a lot younger. At one point near the end, Skyler says to Starbuck, "You're a naive young boy."

Lyra is the early name for Serina.

There is no Cassiopea.

Athena is a trained warrior.

A colonial warrior named Jensing has a recurring role in the story.

After the initial exodus from the Colonies, Starbuck and Skyler talk to a droid named Zeus.

Baltar is ordered to be executed, but soon after the Imperious Leader changes his mind and makes a bargain with him. The deal is that Baltar will be allowed to rule the surviving humans. He says he knows where the humans are going and only needs two Cylon Centurions to accompany him.

Not long after Starbuck and Boomer enter the casino, the Ovions blow up their shuttle. Adama has Skyler head a rescue party to find out what happened to them.

Later, Starbuck meets a woman named Lorna at the casino table with Skyler at his side. Starbuck wins a huge amount of cubits, and Skyler becomes alarmed. He pulls out his gun, points it at the dealer and demands to know why the casino is letting everyone win so much money. Everyone in the casino freaks out, and Starbuck pulls out his own gun when he realizes the Ovions are going to come after them for creating a disturbance. Starbuck shoots the chandelier and it falls to the floor. Everyone scatters, and Starbuck and Skyler make their escape into the tunnels.

Adama decides to go back down to Carillon and is greeted by the Council in the launch bay. They want to know why more people are not allowed to go to the planet. Adama gives Tigh an envelope before he leaves.

Lotay goes to meet Baltar who is sitting on a throne in a hidden chamber.

Boxey wanders off into the tunnels and discovers that many humans have been captured inside tanks by the Ovions. He runs away when the Ovions spot him. Muffit runs off in another direction.

Lyra and Athena see Muffit get captured by the Ovions and become alarmed. They get captured by the Ovions as well. Baltar calls for the Imperious Leader to attack.

Adama reaches the casino, and Apollo and Starbuck alert all the people after they discover what the Ovions are up to. They all try to escape, but the chamber becomes sealed. Baltar's image appears on multiple screens all around them. He orders all the warriors there to throw down their weapons. He tells Adama to surrender or he will simply let the Cylons obliterate them. Baltar will continue selling the Cylons tylium in exchange for allowing him to rule the Colonials. If the Cylons refuse, he will ignite the tylium and destroy the entire planet. Adama agrees to his terms and sends a transmission to Tigh to send all remaining warriors down to the surface. Unknown to Baltar, the message was actually a code telling Tigh to prepare for battle.

The vipers launch and attack the landing bay on Carillon, taking Baltar and the Ovions by surprise.

Baltar is about to shoot Adama and Athena when Starbuck and Apollo arrive. Baltar is killed by a laser and the two Cylon Centurions are destroyed.

The Cylon fleet arrives but is defeated by the Colonial vipers. The Colonials flee Carillon just before the planet explodes.

Boomer is amazed that Starbuck went out of his way to save the three female singers.

You can read an actual copy of this script at a fan fiction website called Welcome To The Universe Of Battlestar Galactica. There is a link for the website in my Galactica links section.

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