December 12, 2002

By now, you may have heard the big surprise that the Starbuck of the Sci-Fi Channel Galactica movie will be a woman! Click here for more details.

Of course, Galactica fans (at least those on the internet) have been expressing their outrage. A lot of ugly words have been used to describe Ron Moore lately. You're probably wondering what my own opinion is.

I guess I'm in the minority in that I don't necessarily have a problem with Starbuck being a woman. Dirk Benedict was perfect for the role back in 1978, and I can't imagine any actor successfully replicating the exact character that he played. It's clear now that although the premise will remain the same, the characters (Apollo, Starbuck, Adama, Baltar) are going to be different. They will not be carbon copies of the originals. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. It may turn out to be for the better.

What bothers me more than anything are the rants and temper-tantrums being thrown by so many Galactica fans. All this name-calling against Ron Moore is childish (but I suppose it's to be expected, since the human race as a whole seems to be stuck in kindergarden). This is just a TV show, people. Nothing more. Some of these fans should refocus their energies in life.

Bottom line, there is no way to know how good Moore's approach will be until we see the final product. As I've stated in the past, I'm willing to give Moore the benefit of the doubt. I think all Galactica fans should likewise do the same.

Here is info on the Galactica mini-series that is being done by the Sci-Fi channel. This is from a September 2000 interview (posted by with writer Ron Moore:

The earliest the mini-series could air would be the fall of 2003.

Thus far only the script has been written.

Moore's version will not be a continuation, but a remake of the original pilot episode "Saga of A Star World." The plot will follow along the same lines as the original movie: The 12 Colonies will attempt to sign a peace treaty with the Cylons only to be destroyed in a surprise Cylon attack. The Galactica will escape and lead a rag-tag fleet in search of the planet Earth. One deviation from the original is that the Ovions will not be included.

Many of the same characters will be featured: Adama, Starbuck, Apollo, Baltar, Boxey, and others. Obviously, different actors will be used. Moore implied that Serina will not appear.

Starbuck and Apollo will be prominent characters.

The original design of the Galactica will be used, probably with some minor alterations. The interior of the Galactica will likely be different.

There will also be Cylon basestars as well as other Cylon ships.

There will be Colonial vipers.

Some of the original terminology will be used (Colonial, triad, pyramid). It is too soon to say if the original uniforms will be seen.

The Cylons will be the main enemy. Moore would not reveal if they will be mechanical, organic, or a combination of both.

There will be elements of the original music score.

Moore was a fan of the original series and is familiar with Cain, Iblis, and the Ship of Lights. He had the hots for Sheba. If the mini-series leads to an ongoing series, there is a good chance he will bring in Commander Cain. It's possible there will be remakes of other episodes as well.

It is too early to say if we will see Imperious Leader or Lucifer.

There will be space battles, but the focus will be on the human element. Moore wants to take the 'opera' out of the space opera.

It is unlikely that the Galactica will ever discover Earth.

There have been inquiries with the original actors about the possibility of them appearing in cameo roles, but nothing has been confirmed.

There will be no mechanical daggits.

Moore has created last names for all of the characters.

As to his reasons for doing a remake rather than a continuation, Moore says he feels a remake is the best way to go and that he can do a better job creating a remake than he could a continuation. He would not do the show this way if he didn't think he could do justice to it. He feels there are millions of people who only vaguely remember Battlestar Galactica from when it first aired, and a remake would be much easier for them to follow than a continuation. Moore believes his way will work best from both a creative and a commercial standpoint. Doing a remake also gives the benefit of being able to clear up some of the problems that plagued the original show (such as the characters no having last names, the stupidity of the Colonials blindly trusting the Cylons, etc.) While he realizes that many fans want a continuation, he refuses to do a show based on marketing research.

Originally, I was very skeptical of Ron Moore's Galactica, but after reading the interview, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I thought that the Sci-fi channel was going to create a show that only vaguely resembled the original and slap the Galactica name on it to try and boost its value, but it's clear now that Moore is going to be more than respectful of the original series. I am definitely looking forward to see his version of Galactica. Maybe that Galactica curse is finally over after all!

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