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Hello there!

I'm Lieutenant Sheba of the Battlestar Galactica! And welcome to my galaxy!

I must say it's about time I got some space for myself! I think you'll find this quadrant a bit different from anywhere else in the Battlestar Galactica universe. There's lots of info and insights on Galactica you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere if you searched for a yahren! First orbit cadet John is here to take you on a tour of my galaxy. He's a little shaky at the controls but, hey, give him a chance!

Uh-oh! Red Alert! Cylons!

Looks like Starbuck and Apollo are in trouble again. I guess it's up to me to save their sorry butts! (Sigh) Where would they be without me? Sorry, gotta go, but Cadet John will take good care of you. Just steer him away from that asteroid field over there. By the way, the Galactica is by the fourth planet on the right! It's quite a sight! And if you happen to see the Pegasus, give Father my love! Enjoy the tour, and please come back to my galaxy again!

Thanks, Sheba!

Hi, everyone! I'm first orbit cadet John here to take you on a tour of Sheba's Galaxy! This is the one of the only corners of the universe devoted to Sheba, the beautiful, tough-as-nails Colonial Warrior, daughter of the legendary Commander Cain, who quickly became one of the most compelling characters on the show. I am a very big fan of Anne Lockhart and, feeling a tribute to her was long overdue, I have created this galaxy. I actually had the good fortune to meet Anne at the 20 Yahren Reunion convention, and she was very gracious and very nice.

So strap in and prepare yourself for a turbo boost like no other! You'll find a listing of television shows and movies that Anne Lockhart has appeared in. This website is also heavily devoted to Battlestar Galactica in general, and I've worked hard to avoid making it a mirror of other sites. The episode guides for BG and G80 offer insights and info (including bloopers and missing scenes) that you may not have been aware of. I think you'll find these episode guides to be the most detailed anywhere. I also have reviews on many BG novels and fan fiction. Plus feature articles and the official rules of Triad!

Read all about the Galactica curse in my article The Galactica Curse! as well as A Review of the New Battlestar Galactica

The Best Of Battlestar Galactica Fan Fiction! Check out some of the greatest Galactica stories of all time!

So You Think You Know Everything There Is To Know About Battlestar Galactica? Take the Battlestar Galactica Comedy Quiz and see just how smart you are! And try not to laugh!

Check out Interesting Battlestar Galactica Facts and Tidbits To Learn Some Things About Battlestar Galactica You May Not Have Known. To Learn Even More Interesting Facts, Be Sure To Read The Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide.

If You Want To Laugh Long And Hard, Be Sure To Read Matthew Wharmby's Hilarious Galactica 1980 Episode Reviews!

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