Written by Glen A. Larson, Frank Lupo and Jeff Freilich

Original Airdate: Mar. 30, 1980

Troy and Dillon meet Lt. Nash in a meadow. He tells them they have been assigned to a mission to find the evil Dr. Xaviar. The duo take Nash's viper and go into orbit. Meanwhile, Col. Sydell becomes convinced that Jamie Hamilton is the key to solving the UFO mystery.

Jamie is giving the Super Scouts a tour of the United Broadcasting Company. When she leaves them alone, they dismantle an $80,000 camera, but then quickly put it back together when they are caught. Jamie is assigned to do a story about a boys' home for underprivileged kids that is in danger of going out of business.

Out in space, Troy and Dillon realize they have fallen into a trap as their viper runs low on power, stranding them in space. They contact the Galactica and Adama tells them he doesn't know about any mission. They realize Xaviar must have altered his appearance to look like Lt. Nash and rigged the ship. They lose communication with the Galactica and only have 24 hours left of oxygen.

On Earth, Jamie and the scouts arrive at the boy's camp and find out that it is a baseball camp. Col. Sydell finds out from Mr. Brooks that Jamie is at the camp with scouts and he rushes over there. Xaviar (in the appearance of Lt. Nash) comes to the camp and tells Jamie he is friends with Troy and Dillon.

The camp owner, Billy Ayer, gets bad news that his baseball team has the flu. If they don't play and win the regional play-offs, the camp will go bankrupt. Jamie offers to let the scouts play the game, knowing they can't lose with their superior skills. Xaviar contacts the Galactica and tells Adama he wants freedom on Earth or he will kill Troy, Dillon, and the scouts.

Col. Sydell arrives as the game is about to begin. Jamie realizes he can't be allowed to see their super powers, so she tells the scouts to lose. Late in the game, she hears Nash communicating with Adama, who refuses his demands, and realizes he must be Xaviar. When she confronts him, he threatens to kill her and the children. Knowing that reporters will surround the winning team, she orders the scouts to win, which they easily do using their super powers. Xaviar realizes he has been outsmarted and he grabs Jamie and heads off. Troy and Dillon arrive, having repaired their viper, and go after them. After a chase through a school gym, Xaviar gets away, Col. Sydell is stunned by his laser, and Troy and Dillon manage to rescue Jamie.

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Spaceball is the worst, most hated episode of Galactica 1980. It's silly, stupid, and just plain dumb. Little kids playing baseball??? This is Battlestar Galactica??? Spaceball may be the most inconsequential hour of science fiction ever made. It's certainly an insult to the original series that this bionic version of The Bad News Bears was shot under the Galactica name.

Jeremy Brett assumes the role of Xaviar. Unfortunately, the character never appears again.

Adama says that the ability to alter one's physical appearance is shared by all Colonials. (???)

The baseball announcer says that one of the boys is named Little Frankie Lupo, an obvious in-joke reference to Galactica 1980 producer Frank Lupo.

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