Written by Robert L. McCullough

Original Airdate: April 27, 1980

The Imperious Leader orders an attack on the fleet. He wants to destroy the agroships. If the fleet's food supply is cut off, he believes it will force the Galactica to lead the Cylons to Earth. Two agroships are destroyed in the attack and Adama and Dr. Zee decide it's time to establish an earth colony.

Troy and Dillon go to Southern California and find the farm of the Alonzo family. Hector Alonzo tells them his crops are dying because all of the water in the area is controlled by the wealthy John Steadman who has damned up the part of the river that runs through his property. Troy and Dillon visit the Steadman ranch, but he refuses to unblock the river. Steadman offers them $1,000 if they can ride one of his wild horses, and they are able to use their technology to calm the horse down and win the money.

Troy, Dillon, Jamie, and the Super Scouts arrive back at the farm that night and plant the seeds using their super powers, unaware that Steadman is watching. Steadman calls an emergency meeting of the Grower's Association and tells them that aliens are on the Alonzos' farm. He is disgraced by his allegations, and the Association orders him to unblock the river so water can get to the Alonzos' crops. The Super Scouts stay with the Alonzos, and Troy and Dillon mount their turbocycles and fly off to new adventures.

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The Space Croppers starts out interesting, but quickly takes an abrupt nosedive into looney land. The plot parallels that of The Magnificent Warriors. Due to the destruction of the fleet's agroships by a Cylon attack, another source of food supply must be found. The Magnificent Warriors was a horrible episode, so it must be considered quite a feat that Space Croppers turns out to be even worse.

Troy, Dillon, Jamie and the Super Scouts appear for the last time on Galactica 1980.

The Imperious Leader appears for the first and last time on Galactica 1980. His voice is done by Dennis Haysbert, not Patrick Macnee, his voice in the original series. In the closing credits, Dennis Haysbert is simply referred to as "The Creature".

The Imperious Leader's plan to force the Galactica to lead the Cylons to Earth makes no sense. How could Imperious Leader know that Earth was nearby? And if he did know, why not just destroy the Colonial fleet and conduct a search of the nearby planets? Did anything on this series make sense? Was anything supposed to?

The Super Scouts bouncing high in the air and throwing seeds while singing their song is hands down the most ludicrous thing ever shown on Galactica 1980.

This is the only episode of Galactica 1980 not written by Glen Larson.

The footage of the accelerated planet growth was taken from the 1971 movie Silent Running.

The Viper pilots wear a new style of helmets.

The Daggit Squadron is introduced in this episode.

This episode is sometimes erroneously called Harvest Home.

The voices of the Cylons sound slightly different, and not for the better.

Ana Alicia (Gloria Alonzo) played Aurora in the Battlestar Galactica episode Take The Celestra.

Unbelievably, the Alonzo family accepts the existence of aliens from another world without any question.

If Dr. Zee is such a genius, why doesn't it ever occur to him to use Galactican technology to create money so the Colonials can simply buy the food that they need? I guess such a simple solution would have made this story pointless.

This episode was sent out on satellite only twenty minutes before air time, which shows just how rushed the series was.

Adama and Dr. Zee's extended conversation about rain, precipitation, etc., is yet another example of the educational dialogue required by the network.

Blooper 1 - The Gemini freighter is seen during the Cylon attack. It was destroyed in The Super Scouts.

Blooper 2 - A Cylon tanker is seen in the fleet during the attack.

Blooper 3 - Adama states that two agroships have been destroyed in the Cylon attack, yet after the events of The Magnificent Warriors there was only one agroship left.

There is an episode of Lost In Space which is also named The Space Croppers. It involves Dr. Smith's marriage to a space cropper named Sybilla, who grows man-eating plants.

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