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First Televised October 1999

Guest Stars: Claire Stansfield (Alti)

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A slightly dissappointing episode. This one unfortunately could not live up to the hype (and an incredible preview clip). Most of the episode is great, and the best part is Gabrielle's battle with Alti. Claire Stansfield once again makes Alti perhaps the greatest Xena villain ever (even better than Callisto) with her over-the-edge-of-insanity evil. Gabrielle's new look in this episode is an incredible contrast to what we've seen in the past, and it's more evidence of the evolution of her character. The story falls apart by Act Four, however, as Xena's battle with Alti (two skeletons clashing) is about as dull and boring as one could imagine. Obviously, this was done to save a pregnant Lucy Lawless from having to do a fight scene, but it just doesn't work. As good as the Xena being pregnant storyline is, this episode shows that it does pose some limitations on the series.

Alti referring to Gabrielle as "Xena's little b*tch" is probably one of the best lines ever spoken by a villain in this series.

At a fan convention in August 1999, Claire Stansfield mentioned this would likely be her last appearance on the show. Judging from the past (remember how many times Callisto died?), I have my doubts.

Amarice appears for the last time (maybe). The character was written off because Jennifer Sky would be starring in Rob Tapert's new series Cleopatra: 2525

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