Anne Kathleen Lockhart was born on September 6 and grew up in Brentwood, California. Anne Lockhart is one of very few actresses who can look back 100 years to trace her theatrical roots. Born in New York to one of the theatre's leading families, Anne is the fourth generation of performers to carry the Lockhart name. She follows great grandfather John Coates Lockhart, grandparents Gene and Kathleen Lockhart and her mother June Lockhart, best known for her years on the series' Lassie and Lost in Space.

Anne starred in the spectacular series Battlestar Galactica, in which her portrayal Lt. Sheba has gained regard as a ground-breaking role for women in television.

The Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror genre has always had a special appeal to Anne, her extensive work in film and television bearing out her interest. At the age of eighteen, Anne played daughter to Joan Crawford in Ms. Crawford's last film appearance, The Sixth Sense. Her other television appearances include Project UFO, The Incredible Hulk, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Darkroom, Voyagers, Knight Rider, Automan, The Highwayman, Freddie's Nightmares, Quantum Leap and the telefilm Bionic Ever After. Anne's film credits include the cult favorites Troll, The Dark Tower, Deadly Serpent and the upcoming release Bug Busters with Randy Quaid.

A little known aspect of Anne's busy career is that she is constantly in demand as one of Hollywood's top dubbing actresses. Anne has lent her voice to such features film projects as The Fifth Element, Gattaca, Starship Troopers, Back to the Future I & II, Predator II, Total Recall and the classic E.T. Her feature animation credits include Space Jam, The Little Mermaid and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Anne was a regular on the series Spiderman and his Amazing Friends and also did additional work on Thundarr the Barbarian and Goldie Gold.

An expert horsewoman, Anne has won championships in cutting, reining, team penning and barrel racing. Her love of horses and dedication to helping children led her to become one of the founders of Pro-Celebrity Rodeos. Anne is especially proud that these events have raised over five million dollars for children's charities since they began in 1983.

Anne currently lives in Southern California and has two children, a son Zane born in 1991, and a daughter Carly born in 1987.

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Anne's Film Credits

Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack
Bug Buster (1998)
Simon & Simon: In Trouble Again (1995) (TV)...Megan Glenneyre
Bionic Ever After? (1994)(TV)
Scenes From A Mall (1991)(voice)...Additional Voice
Big Bad John (1990)
The Little Mermaid (1989)
Dark Tower (1987)
Troll (1986)...Young Eunice St. Clair
The Serpent Warriors (1985)
Hambone and Hillie (1984)...Robert Radcliffe
The Oasis (1984)...aka Savage Hunger
Tell Me That You Love Me (1983)
Young Warriors (1983)...Lucy
Project X
Gidget's Summer Reunion

Televison Credits

Series Regular

Battlestar Galactica

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends (voice)

Notable TV Guest Appearances

The Promised Land			Cannon
Walker, Texas Ranger			The Sixth Sense
Diagnosis Murder			World Of Disney
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues		Sierra
Murder She Wrote			Barnaby Jones
One West Waikiki			Emergency!
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman		Project UFO
CHiPs					B.J. and the Bear
Freddy's Nightmares			Magnum, P.I.		
Three Days For The Road			Voyagers!
Buck Rogers In The 25th Century		The Fall Guy
Simon and Simon				T.J. Hooker
Lottery					Airwolf
The Highwayman				Quantum Leap
New Love American Style			Honeymoon Suite
The Magician				Get Christie Love
Hallmark Hall Of Fame			Happy Days
Hardy Boy Mysteries			Police Story
Eddie Capra Mysteries			The Incredible Hulk
Hagen					Darkroom
Knight Rider				Paper Chase
Tales Of The Gold Monkey		Automan
Scene Of The Crime			Washingtoon
George Burns Comedy Week		Divorce Court

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