These rules are from the script of the Battlestar Galactica episode War Of The Gods.

There is a four-sided court above which spectators sit on all four sides to watch the competition on the floor below. The Triad Court is played with two teams of two. A member of each team stands face to face in the center of the court. Behind them against the wall is a chrome colored ball similar to a basketball, slightly smaller.

The two men have a line between them. They attack on the sound of a claxon, the offensive team having to physically move past the defensive player to get to the ball. The defensive player may not cross the line in front of him, nor may he move behind a line that is behind him and still several yards from the ball. He therefore must keep the offensive player from crossing a narrow corridor. Once across the corridor, the offensive player may safely pick up the ball and take aim at any of four lighted circles on any of the four walls.

The circles flash at random and must be struck while lighted to result in a score. The numbers on the circles carry point values which vary from one to ten, the higher numbers remaining lighted for minimal lengths of time, the lower numbers for longer lengths. Once an offensive team has taken possession of the ball they may throw at the lighted numbers which are defended by the two opposing players. Strategies result when a circle is climbing to a high point and a defender must get there to cover it and hopefully regain control of the ball in the case of a miss or a hit.

Passing is permitted within the game but only on a richochet off of one of the walls. An interception gives the defender offensive control and the next scoring opportunity.

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