Teleplay by Louise R. Kelly and Alan S. Young

Story by Alan S. Young

A viper squadron led by Troy and Dillon chase Xavier through space. Suddenly, three Cylon fighters attack. During the battle, one viper is destroyed and Dillon's viper is severely damaged. The entire squadron except for Troy is forced to return to the Galactica.

Troy continues after Xavier who is attacked by another Cylon fighter. Then the Ship of Lights appears (from the BG episode War Of The Gods) and its high-pitched whine causes Troy to fall unconscious, and his ship is captured. Meanwhile, Xaviar activates his time-travel device and enters a time warp. The Cylon fighter right behind him is caught in the time warp and is pulled in with him.

On the Galactica, Dr. Zee and Adama see images of what has happened to Xaviar and the Cylon raider. Because Troy's viper is gone, they assume he had been killed. Meanwhile, Troy wakes up on the Ship of Lights. He is welcomed by Lt. Starbuck, who was lost and believed dead fourteen years earlier. Troy is in disbelief.

Dillon lands on the Galactica and is told Troy is dead. He puts his grief aside to work on the problem with Xavier. He goes to Earth to get Jamie and takes her to the Galactica. While mourning the death of their friend, the two kiss. On the Ship Of Lights, Troy is confused. Starbuck says that he's going to help him stop Xaviar. He tells Troy that he didn't die. He merely evolved to another plane of existence. Starbuck says that this is the ship of the Guardians of the Universe, the beings who gave the Colonials the coordinates to Earth many years back (in War of the Gods).

Jamie and Dillon prepare to go 2,600 years into the Earth's past. Troy asks what happened to Apollo, his father, but Starbuck says there is no time to discuss it. Moments later, Troy wakes up on his viper, activates his time-warp synthesizer, and goes into the past.

Xaviar arrives in the Chaldea dessert in 592 B.C. followed by the Cylon raider. Seconds later, Troy arrives and gives pursuit. He and Xaviar agree to team together to destroy the Cylon raider.

In the desert below, the people watch the aerial battle with fascination. The Cylon raider is damaged and plummets toward the earth, giving the appearance of a giant wheel spinning in the sky. Xaviar time-warps into another period. Troy's viper is also damaged and he crashes.

Dillon and Jamie then arrive and investigate the crashed viper, believing it to be Xavier's. They are stunned when they see Troy climb out. Before Troy can explain, a damaged Cylon who survived the crash comes at them firing his laser. Troy and Dillon blast him and he falls. As the three are about to destroy what remains of the Cylon raider, the supposedly dead Cylon rises and fires at his ship, causing an explosion which knocks Dillon senseless. Then the Cylon aims at Troy, who can't fire back because his laser is jammed. Jamie grabs Dillon's laser and shoots the Cylon, exploding it in a shower of sparks. They then set explosive charges on the Cylon raider and completely incinerate it. They board their vipers and vanish into another time-warp, unaware that they were observed by a man on a sandy knoll.

On the Galactica, Troy and Adama are reunited, and Jamie realizes that the "Wheel of Fire" (the famous vision from the Old Testament prophet Ezekial) described in history books as being seen in 592 B.C. was caused by the Cylon raider's presence in the past.

This fantastic script is the sequel to the classic Galactica 1980 episode The Return Of Starbuck and is far better than most of the produced episodes of Galactica 1980.

It is revealed why Angela from The Return of Starbuck was judging Starbuck. She was testing him to see if he was worthy to become a Guardian of the Universe.

Troy asks Starbuck what happened to Apollo. Apparently, Apollo's death was a mystery.

Romance develops between Dillon and Jamie. They are only friends in the produced episodes of the series.

You can read an actual copy of this script at a fan fiction website called Welcome To The Universe Of Battlestar Galactica. There is a link for the website in my Galactica links section.

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