One of the best-looking Berkley books ever!This is Robert Thurston's favorite of all the novelizations he has written, and it isn't hard to see why. In terms of taking what was an average episode and improving it, this book succeeds more than any of the other Berkley novelizations.

We are given a much more detailed backstory about the planet that Starbuck crashes on, and there are many more children than Miri's immediate family. We learn more details about Spectre's operations and that he built mechanical Cylons after the organic ones died (Yes, the Cylons are still organic in Thurston's version of the Galactica universe).

The unicorns the children ride on have magical powers, and the extra scenes Thurston provides actually enrich the story rather than add dead weight (See the Goulart novels). There are several chapters written from Miri's point of view (we see entries from her journal) and are very interesting. Also, the defeat of the Cylons by the children is done in a much more believable way in the novel than in the actual episode, and you have to take your hat off to Thurston for accomplishing such a difficult feat.

Lastly, the art on the front and back cover of the book is fantastic, although Apollo is mistakenly placed in the picture instead of Starbuck. Overall, a great book to own for any Galactica fan.

Starbuck's foster parents were disabled veterans. Their names were Gawr and Doreen. His whole life was consumed by war. Most kids only saw their parents once in a while because most of them were involved in the war with the Cylons.

Starbuck knew that his real father had achieved notoriety as a gambler and has heard rumors that he has roamed several worlds getting into numerous scrapes. Starbuck doubts his father is alive, however.

Before he gets shot down, Starbuck ventures to a therapy room in a seldom-traveled area of the Galactica. The therapy machine talks to him about his problems. Starbuck says he can't connect with people, that he uses Cassiopea and Athena like mechanical toys, constantly playing them against each other.

Adama has Sagitarian flu. Apollo is still mourning the loss of Serina.

Both Cassiopea and Athena give Starbuck the cold shoulder before he goes off on patrol.

Right before the Cylons attack, Starbuck swears to Boomer he is going to give up gambling and socializing.

Many of Spectre's Cylons are collapsing due to Attila's hostile climate. His chief aide is named Hilltop, presumably because Spectre was looking at a hilltop when he built him. Other Cylon names are Mudhole and Treebark.

Lucifer does not like it when Baltar refers to him as a machine. He deeply regrets saving Baltar's life and could care less if they ever find the humans again.

Miri hears the sound of Starbuck's viper crashing. She watches him climb out of the wreckage from a distance.

Starbuck manages to find a dead Cylon and is surprised to discover it is a complete machine. He collapses and has a dream about Cassiopea and Athena. He wakes up and sees Miri and Kyle before him. They are quickly surrounded by Cylons, but then the rest of the hidden children attack and the Cylons are defeated.

Some of the names of the children are Laughing Jake, Chubby Marta, Ratzi, Herbert the Singer, Melysa, Jergin, and the Genie. There are 27 children in all.

Miri has a unicorn named Rogue. She can communicate with it telepathically. Kyle has a unicorn named Demon.

Many of the children get around by swinging on vines from tree to tree.

Miri's mother, Megan, is held captive by the Cylons (as opposed to the father in the actual episode). She is an artist who was able to use her telepathic abilities to influence the oils used in painting to create magnificent art.

The unicorns are not owned by the children. They aid the children by their own choice.

The people who settled on Attila were from the planet Scorpia. They were exiled for protesting against the militaristic attitudes of the Scorpian government. It was a very warlike society and its elections had become little more than ceremonies because all political opposition was squelched.

Magician is a unicorn that had never allowed anyone to ride him until Starbuck arrived. The two form a bond.

Miri sneaks into the Cylon castle through a secret passage and carefully runs across the courtyard when no Cylons are looking in order to see Megan. There are a number of other prisoners besides her.

Kyle doesn't like the Colonial military. Magician tries to help Starbuck when Kyle pulls a gun on him, but the unicorn is forced to run away.

Lucifer believes he has created a system that will allow him to defeat Starbuck at the card game called pyramid should they ever have a chance to play again. Lucifer once suggested to Baltar that they play a hand, but Baltar merely scoffed at him.

Starbuck actually gets captured by the Cylons during the trade-off. Magician is able to rescue him. Starbuck jumps off a moving wagon and onto the unicorn's back.

Starbuck and Magician are attacked by a lion in the forest. The lion is wounded and scurries away, but Magician slumps down and dies. Starbuck howls in grief.

Miri argues with Starbuck about his plan to defeat the Cylons. She continually has doubts about it. Starbuck says he'll surrender to the Cylons if the plan doesn't work.

Starbuck rides a unicorn to the castle wall, and waves to the Cylons. A garrison is sent after him, and he leads them towards a swamp. When the Cylons walk up to the swamp, the children come from behind and push them in.

Spectre tells Baltar that Starbuck is the pilot who "died". This only endears him to Baltar even more. Lucifer is deeply disappointed; he was hoping to meet Starbuck again one day.

When Spectre decides to leave, Hilltop refuses. Spectre then deactivates Hilltop so there is no chance that anyone will learn of the devious tactics Spectre used while running the outpost. Once Spectre leaves, Hilltop is able to turn himself back on because he had made an adjustment in his circuits earlier. He then commands the garrison to surrender to the humans.

After Starbuck leaves, Miri realizes that he was not for her. But she didn't want him to forget her, and so she sneaked a painting of a woman on a unicorn inside his shuttle after he refused to take it.

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