Armageddon is the first Galactica book to hit book stores in a long time. It is a very interesting read, but I just don't feel it measures up to many of the fan fiction stories I've read over the years.

Like it or not, Battlestar Galactica is coming back!One thing I did enjoy was the protrayal of Athena. A very minor character in the series, she has a major role in the book. She even becomes commander for a time. This is a nice change from the "switchboard operator" who chased after Starbuck. Her character is strong and compelling. Starbuck crashlanding on a planet works out rather well (despite the event being a cliche that we've seen before) because it adds extra drama late in the story as Apollo must choose whether to try and save him or stay with the fleet which is on the brink of mutiny. The reintroduction of Count Iblis is seen coming a mile away but he comes off just as good a villain as he did on the series. Best of all, the final battle with the Cylons brings everything to a nice close.

On a grading scale, I would give Armageddon a solid B. It is a good story, but a classic? Not by a long shot. For people like me who have read much of the Galactica fan fiction available over the years, Armageddon just doesn't measure up to some of the classic stories by Sharon Monroe and A.S. Lawrence among others.

First, I have a problem with the story taking place 18 years after the last episode. The gap is just too big. We learn that Sheba still loves Apollo, but why has nothing happened since then? There's no explanation. Baltar is back on a Cylon basestar with Lucifer, but exactly how did he get there? Again, there's no explanation. Quickly removing Baltar from the Cylons is disappointing, as I've always preferred him hunting the fleet. Lucifer comes off as very one-dimensional, not the intricate character that was in the Larson novels. I also don't buy the convoluted explanation about the origins of the Thirteenth Tribe. There are other problems I have which I won't bother delving into.

My guess is that non-fan fiction readers will enjoy this book the most, since they won't have any other Galactica stories to compare it to. Overall, Armageddon is a solid effort and worth the ride, even if just for curiosity's sake.

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