Use The Power of The Mind To Create The Life of Your Dreams

Goals - Ability to Achieve Goals Up 67%!

Finances - 88% Average Increase each Year!

Satisfaction With Life – 55% More Satisfied on Average!

Business – 360% Average Increase Over 3 Years!

Research was performed by the University of South London

Everyone has life goals, from success to happiness, to the perfect relationship, yet so few people ever manage to achieve them. Can you imagine what would happen if you suddenly found your goal-achieving capacity increased by 67%? In real-life research this happened.

All participants in the first six seminars were asked to list their main goals in life at the beginning of the seminar and to report on whether they achieved each goal in a follow-up questionnaire (between three and six months later). Using the normal goal-achieving graph used in such tests, results jumped off the graph and showed that the seminar had a remarkable effect on goal-achieving. Tracking seventy-five of these people over a three-year period showed their goal-achieving capacity had increased by 67%!

Business. If you own a business, what difference would it make to you and your employees’ lives if you were to more than double the turnover? In real-life research that is what happened on average to the 102 businesses taking part over 3 years. The first year’s turnover was up 62%, the second year up 108%, and the third 190%, for a total of 360% increase!

Income. If you are an employee or own your own business and you could increase your income by 88% each year for a total of 264% over 3 years, would it make the vital difference to your lifestyle? These were the exact results a study found after tracking 270 seminar participants to see the effect on their finances.

Life Satisfaction. How would you feel if your satisfaction with life were to increase by 55%? A before-and-after study of participants in 6 seminars showed that 3 to 6 months afterwards their satisfaction with life had increased by 32% while a 3 year follow-up study showed their satisfaction with life had further increased to 55%.

Educo will teach you:

The secret to happiness

A simple proven technique that will make your goals and dreams happen far faster with far less effort than you ever imagined possible

How to have complete control over your mind and emotions

How to insure that you can never become depressed or experience any negative emotion long-term

What causes good things and bad things to happen to you, and how you can take control

A simple way to eliminate worry, frustration, fear, and all negativity from your life

How your beliefs and your energy level affect your life day-to-day

How to prevent most bad things from happening to you

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